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What is more, the statue has distinct almond shape eyes that are well in line with the Korean people. The facial characteristics are distinctly Korean. The jade ornaments in front of…
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Art History l - Identify the difference in statues. I will upload pictures of the 4
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Korea The Korean statue has a round double chin, which is considered to be a sign of royalty in Korea. What is more, the statue has distinct almond shape eyes that are well in line with the Korean people. The facial characteristics are distinctly Korean. The jade ornaments in front of the statue also depict the Korean origins of the statue.
The Chinese statue is sitting on a lotus, which is quite distinctly related to the Chinese as a symbol of striving and purity. The eyes, again, are also almond shaped, and very much in line with Chinese facial characteristics. The Chinese characters underneath the statue also reiterate this. The garb of people behind the Buddha is that sported by Chinese noblemen of their time.
The Indian statue, like those from other regions, also has distinct regional features. He is attended by what seem to be Indian gods, carrying a round distinctly Hindu mace. What is more, the statue seems to be seated atop a throne that is carried by small folk, which shows the Hindu caste system, Buddha being Brahman is carried by those belonging to lower castes, with attendants belonging to his own caste.
The Japanese Buddha statue has distinct Japanese facial characteristics, with almond shaped eyes squat nose and high forehead. The attendants of this statue, who seem to be long to the royal class, are dressed elegantly in the Japanese garb, with distinct Japanese styled crowns and ornaments. With Japan being a clear fiefdom, it is no wonder that the Buddha has been shown to be attended by royalty, thus, showing his high stature as per the Japanese customs.
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