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Physical Security - Essay Example

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This paper talks that the prevention & mitigation of any sort of risk should be the first priority in the disaster management process. The steps taken to prevent any risk are stringent security checks, surveillance, detection and raids. Security checks at all the entries are a must…
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Physical Security
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Extract of sample "Physical Security"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that there is a possibility that during the opening ceremony a certain country’s athlete may get attacked by a terrorist group. It may also happen that the opening ceremony may get sabotaged altogether by a terrorist or militia group so as to defame the pride of the host country. In any of these cases, it becomes very important to understand the fact that security breaches are possible and consequently, security needs to be tightened.
This paper makes a conclusion that equally important is upholding the security during the medal distribution ceremony all for the same reasons which have been mentioned above. Again, it might happen that to hamper the national pride of the host nation or the participating nation one may try to attack the winning team/sportsperson during the medal-distribution ceremony. Also, it may happen that a winning participant or sportsperson maybe a terrorist supporter or a terrorist itself in guise. The security assessment of the nearby hospital or medical center is also very significant and critical to the overall security process. Hospitals are locations of maximum vulnerability if compared to other locations which are part of the entire event. There is a possibility that a minor disaster may lead to the hospitalization of some people (sportsters/spectators/organizers) and a major disaster can be planned to be executed in the hospital because it provides a good vantage point to the perpetrators of the security breach. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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