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Transportation Planning - Essay Example

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Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to assist in a better understanding of the relationship between theoretical concepts (conceptual) in planning and the planning…
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Transportation Planning
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Extract of sample "Transportation Planning"

Download file to see previous pages Much emphasis should be placed on the issue of transport planning with a view of expanding the planning boundaries from the conceptual to a practical based perspective. The rational Planning theory was a planning theory propounded after the World War two. It was majored in the core areas of knowledge in planning that were perceived to be essential to practice (Barrett 9). It led to development of the generic planning model in capitalistic democracies and was taken from views from different social disciplines in addition to the political and economic factors. It was used as an approach in solving problems in the public sphere (Brooks 39). Later, it was taken to the public policy due to its guiding principles. The rational planning theory had the following steps; a) the end to reductions and expansion, b) it calculated course of action, c) it evaluated the consequences, d) it provided alternatives to the existing challenge; e) it considered the implications of the existing alternate (Johnson 67). This theory describes the problem solving mechanism in the transport planning. It was engineered with a view of serving the interest of the public and thus very populous (Brooks 47).
Advocate Planner theory is based on the legal advocacy system as an analogy, where a member of a community approaches the planning authority and argues on the behalf of the public interest. Social learning theory puts emphasis on the responsibility of the planning authority to uniting the stakeholders and sharing the information with a view of learning from them (Barrett 22). This helps to develop social structures that meet the social expectations of the stakeholders. Transitive planning theory emphasized that the members of the community and the civic leaders be at the center of the planning process if at all the plan was to be implemented (Brooks 107). Communicative planning theory asserts that planners had to alert the members of the community (Johnson 21). This is believed to encourage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transportation Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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