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Understanding of Macro level practice - Case Study Example

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It can also assist in understanding why certain things happen in our society to certain types of individuals or the whole community at large. An example of what we can understand through…
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Understanding of Macro level practice
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Extract of sample "Understanding of Macro level practice"

Download file to see previous pages Wodarski and Dziegielewski (2002) state that macro-level practices can be categorized in four dimensions. These dimensions include tasks to meet clients needs, determining where and how changes can be made, assisting clients to get the resources they need and the organization’s perspective. In looking at the client needs, we have to look at how we can create new resources and how we can improve policies and procedures that regulate resource distribution. There are various issues concerning service delivery that need to be adopted by various agencies. One major issue is incorporation of the new technologies when delivering services. Most of the macro-level practices can be understood in a broader base of clients’ community.
Hardcastle (2011) tells us that like individuals, every community is uncommon with unique opportunities and challenges. In order to understand macro-level practices in a community, we have to undertake a community assessment. This assessment can help us understand various relevant aspects of a community and it can enable us to know the current conditions and factors necessary to consider achieving the changes we anticipate having in this community. Community assessment can also assist us in identifying assets, resources, and challenges that a community has as per the moment. It can also yield us to know the current state of a community and, thus, recommend what needs to be done for a better future to be achieved. In addition to understanding a community, community assessment also facilitates building a case theory (Hardcastle, 2011).
For us to conduct a good community assessment we have to consider the relationships between people and environment. Hardcastle (2011) states that the first step in community assessment is determining critical factors in the community, ecology and task environment. By the end of the community assessment, we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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