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Define JCAHO - Essay Example

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The commission rebranded in 2007 and acquired a simpler name The Joint Commission (JC). This is a nonprofit organization consisting of medical professionals from the…
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Define JCAHO
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JCAHO Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is a non-governmental organization. The commission rebranded in 2007 and acquired a simpler name The Joint Commission (JC). This is a nonprofit organization consisting of medical professionals from the private health sector (Brennan, 1991). The commission assists in developing and maintaining of quality standards in the medical field. JCAHO mission involves improving the medical care provided to the public. The organization achieves this through the issuance of health accreditation and related services that guarantees improvement of performance in health care centers. The commission has no connection with government regulatory agencies. The joint commission cannot penalize any health organization for not meeting its set standards as it has no legal powers. Any health care organization that needs the commission’s accreditation undergoes a three year survey. After completion, the findings confidentiality has to be ensured (Brennan, 1991). However, the commission provides accreditation decision, award date and suggestions for improvement. This paper will look at the importance of the organization in the healthcare sector.
JCAHO accredited organizations operate under set rules and regulations by the commission. They are required to recruit well trained members of staff. The staff members must be able to communicate and coordinate especially during emergencies. The organizations should not be understaffed as this endangers the patients’ life. The staff must display name tags with a color photo for easy identification. The members of staff should not disclose the patient’s confidential information. The patient has the right to information, and the care giver should give it. All drugs should be well labeled and appropriately preserved. The hospital should develop disaster management programs. The hospital must create a friendly environment to the patient that is pollution free (Brennan, 1991).
The hospital should not discriminate the patient against sexual orientation or gender. The commission requires accredited hospitals to give patients a chance to file a complaint in regards to the treatment administered in the hospital. The commissions’ accreditation has been of immense advantage to health bodies and to the general public. It advocates for improved patient care and enhances safety. The awards show the organizations’ commitment to safety and quality medicare. It has provided a competitive advantage to the awarded hospitals boosting their marketing strategies (Brennan, 1991). The insurer recognizes the joint commission accreditations. The award boosts the community confidence in the health care facility. The award assists in creating regulatory awareness in the healthcare industry by providing guidance and help in the development of a foundation for rules and regulations. The award provides justification to audits, monitors, and enforcement of activities. JCAHO standards and compliance acts as a way of making employees aware of rules and regulations.
El Camino hospital in California is an example of a JCAHO accredited hospital. It is among the top performers on key quality measures by the joint commission. The performance rating in terms of overall patient care and safety is superior. The hospital practices safe medical practices and displays coordination of care among staff. Eden Medical centre healthcare system is an above average rated hospital. The hospital enjoys a full accreditation by the Joint Commission JCAHO. The hospital is a part of non-profit hospitals network based in Northern California.
Brennan, T. A. (1991). Incidence of adverse events and negligence in hospitalized patients. New York: Harvard University Press. Read More
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