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-Factors influencing on tourist's purchasing decision - Essay Example

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The Arana and Leon (2008) study discusses that tourist destinations and decisions are significantly affected by political factors and terrorist attacks because…
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-Factors influencing on tourists purchasing decision
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Extract of sample "-Factors influencing on tourist's purchasing decision"

Download file to see previous pages In applying this approach, the authors were able to establish that the 9/11 attacks significantly affected the tourists’ decisions in their travel plans (Arana and Leon, 2008). I understand from the study that tourists’ decisions were filled with anxiety mostly triggered by terrorist shock. Profits also declined because of terrorist considerations for tourists. The purchasing prospects were however improved in terms of quality of tourism products, especially the quality of the urban environment (Arana and Leon, 2008). Improvements in tourist decisions to travel were however improved after six to twelve months after terrorist events.
The importance of therefore reducing the number of terrorist attacks is therefore an important consideration in tourist’s purchasing decisions. Moreover, where the potential for avoiding any terror risks is low, the impact on tourist decisions is high. Thereby, the tourist would again likely avoid the tourist destination (Arana and Leon, 2008). For which reason, continuous bomb attacks in Israel’s coffeeshops affected tourist’s decisions to choose Israel as a destination. There was a constant and persistent risk for being killed by a terrorist bomb in Israel, and so the decisions for avoidance were high among tourists.
The image associated with the terrorist attacks also affected tourist behaviour, leading to avoidance tendencies on destinations with a high Islamic population (Arana and Leon, 2008). This study was able to establish specific concepts about tourist behaviour in relation to terrorism and terrorist attacks. In the current age where the biggest threat to national security is terrorism, tourists have become understandably wary of places with these significant and blatant threats. The September 11 attacks exhibited a significant impact on tourist behaviour, but the impact has been temporary. However, the more persistent said attacks become, the more cautious tourists also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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