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The Dew Breaker - Assignment Example

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““They know how to grieve,”, hed say, marveling at the mummification process that went on for weeks but resulted in corpses that survived thousands of years.” (Danticat 12-13). Thus Danticat drops one hint with regard to the nature of her fathers relationship with death…
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The Dew Breaker
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Extract of sample "The Dew Breaker"

The Dew Breaker Table of Contents On the Ancient Egyptians and Mourning 3 Works Cited 6 On the Ancient Egyptians and Mourning ““They know how to grieve,”, hed say, marveling at the mummification process that went on for weeks but resulted in corpses that survived thousands of years.” (Danticat 12-13). Thus Danticat drops one hint with regard to the nature of her fathers relationship with death and the grieving process, through that seemingly innocent fascination with museums in general and the ancient Egyptians in particular, the artifacts of their great ancient civilization, their beautiful queens, and their grieving and burial practices. This paper asserts that the hint is a building block, ever so delicately placed, that Danticat employed in order to give a hint as to his fathers own relationship with his memories, his past deeds, and his life in general. His fascination with mummies and the past, that they last for thousands of years, reflects his own fascination with his own past, and the dark secrets that lay there. His dark secrets, Danticat wanted to hint at, likewise has the ability to last for thousands of years, haunting his father even as he tries to live a new and placid life in America with his daughter. That anecdote on the grieving practices of the ancient Egyptians is a hint on top of other hints, much like the title of the book is a hint of what his father was in a past life, a torturer and a prison guard of proven cruelty (Danticat; Corbett).
We get a sense that this is so, that the mummies are really representative of artifacts of guilt and shame, and in some ways of the actual terror and cruelty that his father, as a “dew breaker”, inflicted on many people during his watch as prison guard. There is a sense in some analyses of the novel, for instance, that point to this way that Danticat portrays the guilt and the terror that people, both victims and perpetrators, feel all the way to the present, even though they try so hard to live new lives and to escape from their past. This paper asserts that the fascination with the grieving process,and the reference to mummies living on for thousands of years, is in fact a symbolic representation of how, for the torturers like his father,and for the victims of that torture, there is no escaping the past, because the past lives on, like mummies which will not disintegrate and be completely forgotten. This paper asserts that this is a valid point to make. As far as victims go, for instance, there is the story that seems to mirror the fathers fascination with the past, and with it an unseen bag of bones, so to speak, that hides in the fathers psyche, a bag of bones made up of guilt. In the chapter on the seamstress, the old woman, carrying with her the terror of being persecuted and being followed by a dew breaker all his life, carries with her that terror wherever she went, and could not escape it psychologically, no matter how hard she tried, and no matter how far she traveled to escape. “Yet, during the interview and especially in the seamstress account of her fear of the dew breaker, we get the deep feeling sense of what it would be like to have lived with that terror all ones life and have it never go away” (Corbett). To her mind there had been no escape, because wherever she went the dew breaker trailed her. From here we judge the validity of equating the fascination with mummies, grieving and museums on the part of the father to that equally persistent underlying sense of carrying the guilt and the shame of having been a dew breaker (Corbett; Danticat).
To put it another way, the fascination with the grieving process and with mummification hints at a psychological/psychic reality that reflects the state of the fathers soul/psyche. There is support for this kind of reading of the anecdote and the book in analyses, for instance, that view the book from a psychoanalytical point of view. “Racked with guilt, Kas father cannot bear to tell his daughter the truth of his past. He tries to give her subtle hints as shown in his preoccupation with the Ancient Egyptians” (Chansky 11). Indeed, the fascination with museums and the way the Egyptians of old grieved is not a trivial detail, but underscores a seething emotional and psychological turmoil within the father (Chansky; Corbett; Danticat).

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Chansky, Madeleine. “Writing Pain: Hybridity, Home and Haiti”. University of Rochester. n.d. 2 April 2012. Corbett, Bob. “The Dew Breaker- Comments by Bob Corbett”. Webster University. March 2004. 2 April 2012. Danticat, Edwidge. The Dew Breaker. Vintage Books/First Vintage Contemporaries Edition. March 2005 Read More
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