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Country Analysis - Essay Example

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In an age of globalization, organizations across the world are trying to explore and make use of new international markets in order to expand and more importantly to utilize cost benefits, expertise and other factors tariffs in order to remain competitive. In such an…
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Country Analysis
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Extract of sample "Country Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages This paper attempts to review all the relevant factors that need to be considered with regard to starting a business in Taiwan for a foreign company. In the process it will also take into consideration other factors like demography, religion, ethics, the level of corruption, and any other relevant factor that needs to be considered for an American company to start operations in Taiwan.
Formosa was under the jurisdiction of the Dutch government for 38 years. The Portuguese people however are the ones responsible for giving the island its name Ilha Formosa which translates to “beautiful isle.” This island is more popularly known by its Chinese name which is Taiwan. It was in 1683 that it came under the rule of the Chinese government via the Manchu dynasty. Taiwan is just one of the countries in Asia that is being surrounded by water. This is one of the characteristics of Asian countries that make it appealing to other neighboring countries from other continents. Being under the governance of the Dutch, Chinese and Japanese, Taiwan held a very promising possibility for multinational companies to venture business in (Shackleton, 1-5).
Geert Hofstede was one of the pioneers in understanding the importance of culture in an international environment. This critically acclaimed sociologist and researcher has laid the foundation for cross cultural studies, especially in the area of cross-cultural management (Phan, and Butler 231-260). The cultural environment of the country will be hence based on the cultural dimensions as studied by Hofstede. Other sociologists have also stressed on the importance of culture. Unless an foreign or different culture is understood, managers from other countries could experience what is known as culture clash or shock (Hofstede 20). This has to be avoided in order to bring about a smooth working relationship between diverse cultures whether in business or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Country Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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