Evaluation of SWOT, Generic Strategy, Porters 5 Forces, and the Blue Ocean Analysis in emerging markets - Essay Example

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This research will provide an overview of strategic analysis tools in international markets, particularly emerging markets such as India and China, and then seek to obtain an understanding of the efficacy of such tools in the markets described. It will first conduct a literature review of the subject, and then perform both inductive and deductive research methods in an effort to evaluate the potential strengths and weakness when such methods are used in different markets…
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Evaluation of SWOT, Generic Strategy, Porters 5 Forces, and the Blue Ocean Analysis in emerging markets
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Download file to see previous pages There has been virtual silence, however, on the practical tools required to excel in a Blue Ocean Analysis. Rather than put these tools to their best use, executives in these emerging market sectors have been told to be "brave" and "entrepreneurial." Rather than being encouraged to adopt a strategy like Blue Ocean so they can have an effective paradigm for management and understanding of the markets, they are told that they should "learn from failure" while they try to "seek out revolutionaries." Although thought-provoking and even somewhat motivational, these statements are not substitutes for an effective analytical model that would equip the modern executive to successfully navigate in the international emerging markets. In the absence of true leadership by senior management, and lacking effective analytical tools, executives running businesses in this market sector cannot reasonably be expected to effectively accomplish the goal of increasing market segment and positioning their companies ahead of existing competition. Effective employment of the principles found in the Blue Ocean Analysis would allow international market company leaders to see the wisdom in focusing on risk minimization, and not facilitate the use of euphemisms to encourage risk taking. While the Blue Ocean Analysis is not a perfect model, and does have limitations that will be explored in this research, this strategy appears to be a more realistic method for delivering an effective approach for companies in today's highly competitive markets.

The research methodology employed to fully investigate this question will be straightforward and comprehensive.
First, there will be a systematic review of existing literature regarding the implementation, strengths, weaknesses, and operations of the primary analytical tools such as Porter's Five Forces, PESTAL, Value Chain, Generic Strategy, SWOT, and the Blue Ocean Analysis. Further, there will be a focus on the causes of strategy changes within companies, particularly those within the international emerging market sector, and how the traditional strategies are applied to these organisations.
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(Evaluation of SWOT, Generic Strategy, Porters 5 Forces, and the Blue Essay)
Evaluation of SWOT, Generic Strategy, Porters 5 Forces, and the Blue Essay. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1527747-evaluation-of-swot-generic-strategy-porters-5-forces-and-the-blue-ocean-analysis-in-emerging-markets.
“Evaluation of SWOT, Generic Strategy, Porters 5 Forces, and the Blue Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1527747-evaluation-of-swot-generic-strategy-porters-5-forces-and-the-blue-ocean-analysis-in-emerging-markets.
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