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Namaste solar case study Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 5 1.1Global energy 5 1.2 Types of energy 5 1.2.1 Renewable energy 5 1.2.2 Non renewable energy 6 1.2.3 Solar energy 6 1.3 Why the shift from brown industry to green industry 7 1.4 Key players/competitors 8 1.5 Objective of the case study 8 CHAPTER 2 9 2.1 Company Background 9 2.1.1 The Founders 9 2.1.2 Value and goals 9 2.2 Business model 9 2.3 Key Competitor 9 2.4 Key Challenge faced 10 Research question and scope of the study 11 Research Question 11 CHAPTER 3 12 Problem Statement and Plan of Analysis 12 Problem Statements 12 Strategy Management 12 3.1 The Value Chain 15 3.2 Marketing Management 18 3.3 Human resource Management 22 CHAPTER …
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Namaste solar case study
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"Namaste solar case study"

Download file to see previous pages If the current scenario continues the oil reserves will soon be exhausted. Moreover use of oil leads to flow of precious foreign reserves from the developing countries and sheds a negative impact on the balance of payments of an economy apart from causing environmental hazards. With increasing awareness the use of bio-fuel is increasing. Environmentalists opine that use of bio-fuel sheds less effect on the climate and decision makers reveal use of bio-fuel can lessen the pressure on balance of payments. The primary and major emission gas for Greenhouse Gases is carbon dioxide (CO2). When the carbon dioxide goes into atmosphere and changes the weather conditions, the bio-diversity will decrease through increase in temperature. 1.2 Types of energy 1.2.1 Renewable energy The introduction of bio-fuels will increase the prices of foods and also reduces the availability of food. The shortage of supply of food can be countered by increasing the productivity of agriculture. The bio-fuels obtained from food crops are economically viable when the food prices are low and the prices of fuel are high. The globe witnessed high energy prices in 2000. The bio-fuel was made profitable with high energy prices coupled with low prices of food. The rise in prices of corn can lead to big losses for the processors of corn bio-fuels. The emerging markets of bio-fuels will provide new markets for forest resources and the net benefits will get accrued the local economies. The industries selling forest products are also likely to get benefitted. The negative effects will vary across regions. Bio-fuels can be utilized in electricity generation in the decades to come. The global industry of bio-power will bring enhanced prospects to the economy filled with natural resources. China, India, Latin America and Africa are the major gainers from the energy saved by improved cook stoves. China has saved 40 to 59 percent of its energy consumption by bringing 20 to 30 percent improvements in fuel efficiency. Energy is needed for poverty alleviation in the developing countries. However, with the rise in income levels, a shift in trend of preferences has been noticed. Modernization of agriculture will provide spaces for biomass energy production (Zilberman, Rajagopal, Sexton, Hochman, 2008). 1.2.2 Non renewable energy The total green house emitted by some individual, product or organizations is termed as carbon footprint. It is difficult to calculate the total amount of carbon footprint due to unavailability of data. Carbon accounting is used to assess the GHG emissions of a nation or organization. Population, carbon intensity in the economy and economic output are the main influences behind carbon footprint. In order to decrease the level of carbon footprints, these agents are the target of individuals. If the size of the carbon footprints is known, strategies can be taken with the aim to reduce it with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Namaste Solar Case Study Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9250 Words)
Namaste Solar Case Study Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9250 Words.
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