Discuss the similarities and differences in the international trade Politics between China and Taiwan - Essay Example

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International trade politics, in the contemporary world, have gained much significance in creating allies between two or more countries, which also reportedly offers a wider scope for capitalist nations to obtain comparative advantages from the global competition. While the…
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Discuss the similarities and differences in the international trade Politics between China and Taiwan
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Download file to see previous pages Correspondingly, international trade politics between two or more nations also project a clearer picture about the political relationships between those nations (Buthe & Milner, 2008).
Correspondingly, this essay will focus on discussing the international trade relations persisting between China and Taiwan, with an intention to understand the similarities and dissimilarities between the political positioning and strategies adopted by these nations when dealing with their diplomatic relations. From a critical point of view, the political relations between these two nations can be described in terms of limited communication, rigidities, and instability. Despite of the instability between these two nations, still trade relationships between them blossomed after 2001 when China became a member nation of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Supporters to this trade relation have often argued that it has been mainly due to the stability in trade relationships between these two nations that have led towards the decreasing level of recurrent political friction to a major extent (Roberge & Lee, 2009).
China and Taiwan has remained focussed towards maintaining bilateral trade relationships, which has continued between them since long. The result of this trading effort was that both these nations ended up making a trading profit of $102 billion and the records of 2007 subsequently projected China as the largest trading partner of Taiwan (Roberge & Lee, 2009). As an improvisation step, both these nations started making huge investments with an aim of setting up of new industries linking the economic trade affairs of both these nations. The two nations have also made efforts in terms of convincing banks and other investment organizations for investing in the markets of both these nations. Emphasising the potentials of the trade relation, during 2009, China and Taiwan tended towards signing up of an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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