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Using cellphones while driving - Essay Example

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The extent of risks is uncertain but appears to be minimal in probability of occurrence as compared to other risks that occur in our daily…
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Using cellphones while driving
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Extract of sample "Using cellphones while driving"

Using Cellphones While Driving The proof by scientific experts is that use of cell phones while driving poses great risks to the driver, passengers, as well as road users. The extent of risks is uncertain but appears to be minimal in probability of occurrence as compared to other risks that occur in our daily lives. However, there are few advantages associated with using cellular phones while driving. This article assesses the risks versus benefits associated with cellular phones usage while driving and supports that use of cellphones while driving is indeed dangerous.
The use of cellular phones while driving should be a concern to everyone involved. One of the main disadvantages is that they create a great risk of motor vehicle collision. This happens in that the driver losses concentration on the road and focuses attention on listening to the phone call. Vehicle accidents cause minor, serious, crippling, and even fatal accidents. They result in property damage, which are expensive to repair. Moreover, health care costs after the accidents can be a huge expense to the victim (McHale 17-24).
In addition, people who drive while using cell phones drive erratically. This puts other people’s lives at a great risk. It happens in that the driver may fail, at the required time, to use proper signals, miss road signs, change lanes abruptly and they usually respond slowly to hazards. The pattern from such erratic drivers can be dangerous to road users. It includes other drivers, pedestrians and other equipment on the roadside (Trapp 14-22).
Furthermore, motorist involved in a stressful or emotional cell phone conversation may mostly show aggressive behavior as they drive. An example is road rage. Moreover, drivers who chat on cell phones are slow to brake, and took longer to increase the pace after they braked. In addition, they do not keep their mind focused on road signs such as billboards, or pedestrians (Guffey & Loewy 7-11).
The use of cellular phones while driving may include a different variety of maneuvers. This involves reaching for a phone to initiate or receive a call, holding a phone, dialing or even sending text messages (Karen et al 3-7). The use of hands free phones consumes mental energy while driving. The numerous chores that follow with using a cellular phone necessitate dissimilar quantity of time, harmonization, and mental energy that leads to hypothetically different problems of driving task and results to collusions (Trapp 25).
However, there are few advantages of using cell phones while driving. It is argued that use of cellphone while driving breaks driving monotony and boredom. This assists the driver in keeping focused on the road for longer hours. Monotony and boredom such as stopping for a cup of coffee can be safer (Sturnquist 13).
In conclusion, some people think that using cell phones while driving may be advantageous. I do not agree with this people since as we have seen, use of cellphones while driving has minimal benefits. The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Drivers must be aware that it is dangerous to use cellphones while driving. It would be wise for a driver to pull of the car off the road if the call they make is necessary now. This will reduce the risk that they pose on the roads to all road users.
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