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Cell Phones: How have they changed us socially - Research Paper Example

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In order to detect the social changes, it is prudent to compare society before and after companies introduced cellphones to consumers. Many remain…
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Cell Phones: How have they changed us socially
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Download file to see previous pages Contrastingly, the drawbacks created include increased fraudulent crimes, occurrence of anti-social behavior, and likelihood of accidents. These are further discussed below in the essay.
Cellphones have enhanced communication between people, as people find it easier to use the devices to relay information to each other. Initially, cellphones were bigger in size, which made it difficult for people to carry around. During this time, people relied on non-portable telecommunication devices such as fax machines and landline phones among others to disseminate information. These devices physically limited people’s ability to relay messages in real-time. With companies competing to make gadgets that are more portable, cellphones are now smaller and lighter. In addition, innovative tech gurus are increasing the number of applications that are compatible with cellphones, which expose people to a new platform; social media. Through social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many others more people are able to share their ideologies, preferences and activities. Many liberation movements credit their success to technology, which enabled them to spread their ideologies to people in different geographical locations. In countries ruled by oppressive regimes, text messaging (SMS) came in handy when sanctions forced Internet providers to disable the service with the aim of stopping the spread of propaganda internally and externally; for example, in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. These factors are compelling more people to invest in cellphones, a decision that has functioned to increase the level of social interaction.
As people get more pressed for time due to their increasingly busy lifestyles, many gravitate towards choosing alternatives that promise convenience. Cellphones are at the top of these alternatives, as they offer users multiple services that they are able ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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