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His parents earned their income through operating a fulltime bar and therefore, did not have time for him. He hit the streets at quite an early of age from where he picked habits…
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About George Herman Babe Ruth
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George Herman "Babe" Ruth Babe Ruth is a professional Basketball player greatly remembered for the good records he set in this sport. George Herman Ruth was born in Camden Yards section of Baltimore in 1895 from a family of eight. His parents earned their income through operating a fulltime bar and therefore, did not have time for him. He hit the streets at quite an early of age from where he picked habits like chewing tobacco, stealing, and drinking. His parents could not put up with this and gave his custody away to Xaverian brothers.
Ruth first entered the major leagues with Boston Red Sox as a starting pitcher at the age of nineteen where he expressed his ability as a hitter. Later, he was sold to New York Yankees where he was instrumental in making them win many games. During this period, he increased home runs from 52 when he was new in this club to 60 by 1927. His 847 batting average was a major league record until 2001. It is claimed, “He won seven world series championships, three of them with Boston Rex Sox and four of them with New York Yankees” (Find a grave web)
In 1936, Ruth was elected in the baseball hall of fame receiving 95.13% of votes. One major thing that Ruth accomplished that brought a shift in the way of life in this era is achieving high accolades that appeared to many, as unachievable. He set the pace for this game and he participated in bringing to an end discrimination that existed in professional basketball. Ruth married twice in his lifetime and died in 1948 from throat cancer.
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“George Herman "Babe" Ruth.” Find a Grave. 2001. Web, 02 April 2012. Read More
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About George Herman Babe Ruth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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