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Safety And hazards of pyrotechnics - Essay Example

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These reactions produce heat, gas, light, sound, or smoke. The best example of pyrotechnics is fireworks and other items such as safety matches,…
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Safety And hazards of pyrotechnics
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Extract of sample "Safety And hazards of pyrotechnics"

Download file to see previous pages A pyrotechnic technician should be aware of the various measures of creating a convincing explosion while ensuring that they maintain control of the process. Safety refers to the situation of acquiring protection form physical, damage, harm, accidents, errors and other events that are undesirable. It is also the control of various recognized hazards to acquire an acceptable level of risk. Safety is extremely vital in daily life and human should be cautious under all circumstances especially when dealing with pyrotechnics (Agrawal 9).
A hazard refers to a situation that poses a certain level of threat to property, health, environment, or life. Majority of the risks are potential or dormant and have a characteristic of theoretical risk of harm. A hazard does not exist if it does not happen. When a hazardous situation comes to pass, people call it an incident. Pyrotechnics is a dormant hazard since they have the potential to be hazardous but do not affect the people or the environment. The key factor that leads to identification of a hazard in pyrotechnics is the energy stored that can cause damage upon release. Pyrotechnics store energy in various forms, which includes chemical, thermal, mechanical, and radioactive forms. Pyrotechnics are tremendously valuable in the entertainment industry and regularly used to mark various critical events.
The producers or manufacturers of such pyrotechnics have a responsibility to ensure that the individuals who use them are not liable to adverse effects. They should achieve this through ensuring that they decrease the level of toxic materials in the pyrotechnics. They should ensure that it has minimal side effect to intended users. The employee who uses these pyrotechnics should also be protected since they work with them on a daily basis. Education concerning various measures of minimizing the chances of people being affected is particularly beneficial. Employees and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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