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Promissory Estoppel - Essay Example

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Daniel Farber and John Matheson (1985) refers to is as the “invisible handshake”, or a promise made in order to further an economic activity. Through this doctrine,…
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Promissory Estoppel
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Extract of sample "Promissory Estoppel"

Download file to see previous pages In this view, promissory estoppel is established as a contractual obligation that will in fact harmonize the often-divergent philosophies adhered to by legal scholars. This article looks at the different circumstances when promissory estoppel is used in the English courts and tries to summarize why the doctrine is an important part of contract law. It also tries to explain why the use of promissory estoppel is being contested. This paper maintains that promissory estoppel is still important in contract law and that instead of declining, it is actually evolving.
Promissory estoppels has three distinct elements: (1) a clear and definite promise, (2) the promise induced action or forbearance, and (3) injustice can only be avoided with the enforcement of the promise (Boyer 1950: 460). The doctrine of promissory estoppels was first expounded in the case of Central London Property Trust Ltd v High Trees House (Denning 1946). In 1937, High Trees House Ltd. leased a block of flats from Central London Property Trust, with the conditions that the rent is worth £2,500 and duration is 95 years. But because London was suffering from war bombings at the time, High Trees may not be able to pay out its lease. To help the company sustain its business and since numerous flats were still unrented, the plaintiffs sent a letter to the defendant confirming the reduction of the rent to £1,250. The defendants continued to pay the reduced rent and by 1945, when all the flats have been rented out, High Trees paid only £1,250. In September 1945, the plaintiff wrote a letter to the defendant collecting the original amount of £2,500 for the entire year starting from September 29 to December 25, 1945. The defendants held that the letters passed on between the parties was evidence of modification in the original contract and that it was equally legally binding to the plaintiff company. Lord Denning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Promissory Estoppel and Consideration Consideration and promissory estoppel are key parts of contracts: Consideration is one of the three pillars of contract law in the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth, and promissory estoppel is one of the ways contracts can be meaningfully enforced, by eliminating the ability of contractors to withdraw from the contract. This paper will analyze the doctrines in the specific instance of the following case study. Facts Amelia offered her nephew, Dan, two thousand pounds if he worked hard and got a second class degree, and her sister, Betti, five hundred pounds for errands. She also offered a two...
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.... This means that the negotiations are entered into with the intention of establishing a legally binding contract, since the individuals involved are serving as two different entities in the eyes of the law, with no natural bond holding them together10. Therefore, under these circumstances, the presumption of no legal intention for domestic and social contracts does not hold, and the court finds that requisite intent to create a legally binding agreement does indeed exist. The principle of intention to create a legal relation operates on the basis of the doctrine of promissory estoppels, which provides that contracts can be binding, not based on the substance of the agreement, but on reliance9. The...
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Estoppel in the Contract Law glossary, Consideration, 30 Mar 2005). The principle of promissory estoppel is that if someone makes a promise, which another person acts on, the promisor is estopped from going back on the promise, even though the promise does not provide consideration. This modern doctrine of promissory estoppel is based on the dicta of Denning J. In Central London Property Trust Ltd V. High Trees House Ltd ( 1949) 1 KB 130 and also on the decision of the House of Lords in Tool Metal Manufacturing Co Ltd V. Tungsten Electric Co Ltd (1955) 1 WLR 761. This doctrine can be traced to Hughes V. Metropolitan Railway (1877) 2 APP CAS 437. The requirements of promissory...
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.... For example, someone who grants a deed to real estate before he actually owns the property can't later go back and undo the sale for that reason if, say, the new owner strikes oil in the backyard. Estoppel by silence A type of estoppel that prevents a person from asserting something when she had both the duty and the opportunity to speak up earlier, and her silence put another person at a disadvantage. For example, Edwards' Roofing Company has the wrong address and begins ripping the roof from Betty's house by mistake. If Betty sees this but remains silent, she cannot wait until the new roof is installed and then refuse to pay, asserting that the work was done without her...
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...Promissory Estoppel The Books Ltd, entered into a contractual agreement with Print UK Ltd for printing and binding a book. The agreed upon amount was'29, 000, on completion of the work. Subsequently, Print UK suffered a significant diminution in its workforce. The Print UK offered its remaining workers, '500 as a bonus, if they would work extra hours till the completion of the Books Ltd, contract. After the completion of the work, Print UK refused to pay the bonus amount to its workers. Relying on the promise of Print UK Ltd, the latter's workers had worked extra hours, in order to complete the task. They completed this task, within the deadline, notwithstanding the fact that there had been a...
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If a creditor promises to accept a smaller su m in full settlement intending the debtor to rely on that promise, and the debt or does rely on it, the debtor may have a defence of promissory estoppel when sued fo r the balance by the creditor. The promise

...If A Creditor Promises To Accept A Smaller Sum In Full Settlement Intending The Debtor To Rely On That Promise, And The Debt Or Does Rely On It, The Debtor May Have A Defence Of Promissory Estoppel When Sued For The Balance By The Creditor Table of Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 3 Definition of the Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel 3 Definition of the Doctrine of Consideration 4 Relationship between Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel and Doctrine of Consideration 5 Justification of Enforceability of a Creditor’s Promise As per the Above Quotation 7 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction A contract is generally made between two or more...
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