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Master of Criminal Justice for subjuct ( 7022CCJ Research, Evaluation & Policy Analysis ) - Essay Example

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Rehabilitation is the best form of criminal justice intervention as compared to jail time as it is more humane than the latter…
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Master of Criminal Justice for subjuct ( 7022CCJ Research, Evaluation & Policy Analysis )
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Extract of sample "Master of Criminal Justice for subjuct ( 7022CCJ Research, Evaluation & Policy Analysis )"

Download file to see previous pages In the preference of drug related crimes, the consideration that rehabilitation will do right for individuals than jail time. When an individual commits a drug related crime and serves a jail time the difficulties in the jail will not prevent the individual from doing future crimes. They will in turn push the individual to revert to the same acts that led to the crime. Dean (1990) argues that rehabilitation assists the individual blend back to society. The consideration associated with rehabilitation is that when one goes through incarceration the criminal record will hinder the individual from obtaining employment and, therefore, revert to the crimes. While incarceration secludes the offender from the society in order to reform, the individual rehabilitation ensures that the offender is functioning in the society while at the same instance assisting the offender cope with the problems (Glen et al, 2011, p.150). According to Douglas (2005), rehabilitation is effective to young offenders who have drug related offences. This is because jail cannot change them, rehabilitation deals with drug-correlated offences by addressing the social ill that cause the crime. On the other hand, prisons address only the offence and leave the cause of the problem unaddressed and upon completion the person who committed the offence does not benefit because at the end of the jail term the problem still exists, and the problem remains unresolved and there is a high likelihood of reverting to the same. In rehabilitation, the individuals are not only detoxification but also counseling and education.
In order for the program, to be effective the rehabilitation program should be specific and in accordance to the individuals required treatment. Rehabilitation takes the belief that each problem has a different perspective and that it receives attention in order to make the system effective. The desired effect of a rehabilitation program is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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