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Why do women commit fewer crimes than men - Essay Example

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Gender and crime has been an interesting topic for many scholars as they try to understand why men are more likely to commit crime than women (Lauritsen, Karen and James, 2009, p. 361). These scholars have come up with many explanations ranging from the socio-cultural,…
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Why do women commit fewer crimes than men
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Extract of sample "Why do women commit fewer crimes than men"

Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately all these arguments do not clearly explain why there more occurrences of crime among men than women (Campbell, Muncer and Bibel, 2001, p. 481). Recent studies have indicated that the ratio of crime between men and women is approximately 3 to 1 respectively. The following discussions present the most likely factors attributed to this trend associated with our societies.
According to Currie (2007, p. 175) societies socialize male individuals to assume aggressive characteristics as a survival strategy. Society expects men to be strong so as to stand up for their rights whenever need arises. Furthermore a man was given the sole responsibility of providing security for his family. Due to the high expectations on man by society, men sometimes tend to prove their strength by engaging in crime. A man who cannot stand up for his rights is considered to be a weakling and such man may be denied respect in society (Lauritsen, Karen & James (2009.p. 368). Consequently men opt do anything at their disposal even using violent means to show how strong they are.
Campbell, Muncer & Bibel (2001, p. 484) contends that on the other hand, women are considered to be the weaker sex by society and a woman who commits in crime is seen to deviate from the nature of society. Society describes a normal woman to be loving, patient, caring and understanding. A criminal woman is not fit for marriage according to society because it considers her to lack the actual traits of a mother. A mother will always be there for her family and no criminal activity can ever cross her mind. From the societies’ expectations of women, women restrict themselves from committing crime (Currie, 2007. P179). However this does not mean that women do not commit crime, they commit crime but at a very low rate compared to that of men.
In addition, the way society distributes gender roles also restrict women from committing crime. Women are always within their families trying to care for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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