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Learning Assignment - Essay Example

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I go to the grocery store and grab a cart then procced to the nearest aisle before to begin my shopping. As I pass by between the aisles, I grab the merchandise what I think that need and put it in the cart. The same process happens as…
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Learning Assignment
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Extract of sample "Learning Assignment"

Part I. a. Explain how you normally shop for groceries. I do my grocery just like everyone else. I go to the grocery store and grab a cart then procced to the nearest aisle before to begin my shopping. As I pass by between the aisles, I grab the merchandise what I think that need and put it in the cart. The same process happens as I pass through the aisles of the grocery.
Upon checking out and paying, there are some things that I find nice which I also include in my purchase such as novelty items, magazines etch.
b. Then, shop using a process completely different from what you typically do. How did your perceptions of products, the experience, etc. change? Be sure to consider screening processes, purchase outcomes, and affective/cognitive dimensions of the experience.
Following this exercise, what I did that differed from my grocery habit is to plan my purchase. The reason why I elected this course of action to differentiate from my typical grocery habit because I noticed that there are grocery items that I picked up that are put to waste. Either I bought it on impulse because I found it nice, or did not like the product after using or consuming it. So I made a list of purchase in my next visit to the grocery. I also did an inventory for those items that are still in stocked in the house and omitted them from the list.
I noticed that my succeding visit to the grocery is more cost-effective. It would be a safe estimate that my regular purchase was around less than 25% of my regular purchase. It was faster too because I already have a list of what I am going to buy. If its not on the list, I refrained from buying it. I had a savings of around 25% doing this as reflected in the receipt of my succeding purchase.
Part II:
a. Choose a retail store and explain the role that layout and other atmospherics have on consumer learning and the overall shopping experience.
My retail store of choice is the popular Wal-Mart due to the extensiveness of the both grocery and non-grocery items available. One can say that almost everything that is needed is there. Doing the exercise, I understood why I tend purchase more if I did not plan my grocery. There are promotional goods which offers discount to entice me to buy even if I did not need the product. The displays are also attractive and over-all environment of the store is nice that it felt good to shop. I also noticed during my second visit that if I ask for information about a certain product, their sales assistants are helpful and well, induces me also to purchase the item/s. Sometimes they can be pushy.
b. How would you improve that process?
I would recommend to make their sales assitants to be less pushy for me to buy their product or other substitute products because it can get annoying. I would also recommend to have a portion of aisles which are dedicated to “necessities” because they stacked together in one aisles the items of similar nature that it can take time to look what I really needed because of the sheer number of displayed items.
Part III: Conclusion. What did you learn?
What I learned from doing this exercise that grocery or retail stores arranges their store to make the environment more conducive for the shoppers to buy more which works most of the time. While I have no complaint about the retail stores effort to make the shopping experience pleasant, I have to exercise prudence in doing my grocery to avoid buying things that I do not really need. Read More
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