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Analysis of Read-only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes Article - Assignment Example

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This paper is a summary of the article "Read-only participants: A case for student communication in online classes" prepared by Nagel, Blignaut, and Cronje. The study sought to associate online involvement to learning and successful completion of the curriculum…
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Analysis of Read-only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes Article
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Read-only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes Article"

  Summary of the Article
Technological advancement has increased internet and computer accessibility in all regions. This is because technology has become popular and affordable. Also, there has been an emergent tendency in online learning activities due to pure internet accessibility. Learning institutions all around the country provide fast earning degrees and online curriculum. The online classroom has been made extra popular by the occupancy of students from different age groups and demographics (Nagel, Blignaut & Cronje, 2009). This paper is a summary of the article prepared by Nagel, Blignaut and Cronje.
The study conducted by Nagel, Blignaut and Cronje sought to associate online involvement to learning and successful completion of the curriculum. In addition, the study sought to consider how online involvement affected the learning society. Nagel, Blignaut and Cronje’s research pursued twenty two graduate learners with an age limit of between 30 to 50 years over an online course of 8 weeks. Nonetheless, with this diversity in the learning setting what methods does the course director use to manage communication? Does the inefficient involvement from colleague learners influence the learning setting? Who are some of the different learners who are present in the online learning setting? (Nagel, Blignaut & Cronje, 2009).
With observations, investigation, and extensive research, Nagel, Blignaut and Cronje compiled the article to highlight the significance of communication in the online learning settings. The three researchers were determined to investigate which features of the online curriculum were making students lag behind and the influencing factors. This was after they noticed a tremendous rate of drop out from online programs. Additionally, Nagel, Blignaut and Cronje employed a number of methods to provide support for their findings. They utilized a learning management technique to keep track of learners (Nagel, Blignaut & Cronje, 2009). This technique illustrated student development.
The researchers gathered quantitative data from the computer network curriculum device employed for the discussion. They also utilized information gained from a course response form. All learners were evaluated a collaboration score on the basis of a rubric that was established by the learners during the program. The students’ involvement was calculated using the number of occasions a learner was involved in the discussion and the number of posts. These two measures were used to correlate high grades and improved involvement (Nagel, Blignaut & Cronje, 2009). In addition, the study comprised a number of articles from different authors that was used to integrate their study and support their conclusions.
Throughout the study, Nagel, Blignaut and Cronje observed and evaluated the learners in the program. Each week, the learners would participate in discussions, conduct researches and perform group assignments. They used these assignments to examine how the students assisted each other, and also respond. They established high interaction levels were associated to high grades. Also, learners’ excellence seems to be connected to their involvement in discussions with some requirements. Learners who do not engage in online discussions may gain knowledge from discussion posts and colleague learners. Also, interactions among students may influence and help engage each other during discussions. Tutors also can facilitate online discussions among learners (Nagel, Blignaut & Cronje, 2009). The study identifies many issues entailed in successful comprehension through online discussions.
Nagel, L., Blignaut, A., & Cronje, J. (2009). Read-only participants: A case for student
communication in online classes. Interactive Learning Environments, 17(1), 37-51. Read More
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