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A region in the developing world faces water supply problem - Essay Example

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Different parts of the world face diverse water supply issues including shortages. These problems have been found to result from different issues which differ from one region to the next. India,…
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A region in the developing world faces water supply problem
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Download file to see previous pages er provision; interlinking of rivers and rainwater harvesting and their comparison based on cost involved in the method and the impact of the method to the environment. It is found that rainwater harvesting is the cheaper method to be used to provide water in India.
Despite the fact that India has quite a number of rivers like; Ganges, Krishna, Brahmaputra, Tapti, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari, Mahanadi and a good climatic weather condition characterized by availability of rainfall throughout the year which amounts to 4000 billion cubic meters of rainfall, it still has to contend with the issue of water shortage (Bombay, 2010 p 47). 1This can be linked to the following factors:
1. Increased demand for water by households, industries and for irrigation in farms: In 2006, it had been found that India used about 829 billion cubic meters by volume of water. This was shared such that irrigation consumed between 89 to 92 percent, industries used between 2 to 5 percent and the households used between 3 to 9 percent of to total volume from both underground and surface water sources as per the records of World Resource Institute, Earth Trends 2001. This consumption is expected to rise to about 1.4 trillion cubic meters or to double by the year 2050. This increase results from the rapidly growing population which will result into the need of more grains which are the products from the farm industries. This in return adds pressure onto the need of high production quantity and efficient irrigation methods (Shahan, 2009).2
2. Population growth rate: The population of India is expected to hit the 1.6 billion mark by the year 2050. Such a drastic increase in population is going to add stress on the existing water. The increase in population implies the need for more industries to meet the need of the people and increased reliance on the agricultural sector for both the raw material and food. The firms would need more water for irrigation and this increases shortage in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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