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Libertarianism is basically a strict conviction of people who believe that they are supreme authority in terms of self-control and there are some of the moral values that are associated with this belief (Vallentyne, 2012). On the other hand, liberalism in its basic type is a…
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Libertarianism and Liberalism
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Running Head: LIBERTY Liberalism and Libertarianism: A Discussion Post of Liberalism and Libertarianism
Libertarianism is basically a strict conviction of people who believe that they are supreme authority in terms of self-control and there are some of the moral values that are associated with this belief (Vallentyne, 2012). On the other hand, liberalism in its basic type is a person’s choice of liberty however this is generalized in other types as well that take different vision of a person in account (Gaus & Courtland, 2011).
Comparison of Libertinism and Liberalism:
The biggest similarity among the concepts of Liberalism and libertarianism is that they employ liberty as the firm base of their respective conviction. Liberalism and libertarianism stress on the freedom of a common man (Vallentyne, 2012). This means that both the concepts are convictions in defense of people’s right of living their lives. This conviction completely rejects the idea of control over people’s will to live freely. In case of consideration of an example, it will not be incorrect to mention that it’s a person own choice to select his passion and interest, make use of his own wealth in his own favorable interest etc (Gaus & Courtland, 2011).
Ethical Association of the Concepts:
Libertarianism and liberalism has been confiscated many times by critics for the debate of applicability on ethical grounds. Both the concepts are underlying with people’s choice of acting within a society (Gaus & Courtland, 2011). However, some claims that both the concepts cater the aspect of inappropriate manipulation of the concepts by people stealing and involved in criminal activities. It should be noted that both the concepts embrace the ideals of social and ethical responsibilities of citizens towards state (Vallentyne, 2012).
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