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Should our society continue to enforce compulsory monogamy on this segment of unwilling individuals, or does this approach no longer represent an enlightened view of love and relationships - Essay Example

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In earlier years, monogamy was mostly for women only where they were viewed as essential property for reproduction. Even up to the present day, monogamy is much harder on women than it is on men. Men…
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Should our society continue to enforce compulsory monogamy on this segment of unwilling individuals, or does this approach no longer represent an enlightened view of love and relationships
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Extract of sample "Should our society continue to enforce compulsory monogamy on this segment of unwilling individuals, or does this approach no longer represent an enlightened view of love and relationships"

Download file to see previous pages Monogamy is mostly not a choice as the systems of cultural conformity tend to make us believe. This can be evidenced when someone tries to do something out of monogamy and he or she faces numerous forms of resistance. The legal arrangements almost allover the world is pro monogamy. Those who tend to go astray from these institutional arrangements are punished in one way or another. Legal marriage, for example, does not adapt non-monogamy neither does divorce and custody courts. The courts will even punish this both financially and denying custody of children to the party which went astray from monogamy (Wardle 43).
In the social setting, a non-monogamy arrangement is considered immoral. This is a result of the heavy social pressure where everyone is expected to be monogamous. In some cases, a person can be disqualified from public office when they admit that they are non-monogamous. The society has, therefore, put a lot of pressure onto the practice of monogamy such that any other arrangement is considered cheating. The guilt that accompanies non-monogamy arrangements is felt even in those places where non-monogamy is fine (Wardle 49).
There is a class of people opposed to compulsory monogamy. Among them are the sex workers. Whether they are male or female, sex workers are considered by our culture and the society at large as impure, and they face lots of stigma as a consequence (Bax 12). They are, therefore, not viewed as fit for a monogamous relationship. Governments even criminalize any sex worker relationships be it exploitative or not. This can be evidenced by the passage of anti-pimping laws aiming at criminalizing the act of benefiting from proceeds of sex work even when one is not the sex worker (Burston 67).
Men who are in gay relationships often face promiscuity allegations from all corners. These allegations are mostly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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