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How did Ptolemy I come to adopt the title of king after Alexander the Great's death How did he come to adopt the title of 'Soter' meaning Saviour What controversial evidence surrounds these events - Essay Example

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After his death, Ptolemy, his favorite general was entrusted with the governance of Egypt, one of the four “supersatrapies” that were divided among Macedonian leaders after Alexander’s death (Bingen and…
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How did Ptolemy I come to adopt the title of king after Alexander the Greats death How did he come to adopt the title of Soter meaning Saviour What controversial evidence surrounds these events
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"How did Ptolemy I come to adopt the title of king after Alexander the Great's death How did he come to adopt the title of 'Soter' meaning Saviour What controversial evidence surrounds these events"

Download file to see previous pages Though Ptolemy became known to history initially as the “friend, confidant, and later general of Alexander” and later as his predecessor, there was no indication from any historical accounts that Alexander wanted Ptolemy to be his successor (Bingen and Bagnall, 2007, 15). But it has been clear from historical documents that Ptolemy was close to Alexander (Worthington, 2003, p.137).
It was by the year, 330 that Ptolemy “succeeded Demetrius” and became the aide-in-hand of Ptolemy as he was already a senior leader in the “Macedonian army” (Ellis, 1994, p.10). Green (1990) has observed, “Ptolemy was one of the few to realize that limiting his ambition would actually get him farther in the long run” (p.9). But once Alexander died, he was not sitting idle as well. After taking over the responsibility of governance of Egypt, the first thing he did was to attack and conquer “the rich North African State of Cyrenaica” without attaining any permission from Perdiccas (Green, 1990, p.13).
On the political front, Ptolemy is known for the first ever application in history “of a philosophy of monarchic power” once he succeeded Alexander as the king (15). But later historians (eg:- Bosworth, 1976) have also pointed out that Ptolemy manipulated the facts in his history of Alexander, a text from which supposedly the most authentic historian of Alexander, Arrian, drew his facts to retell the story (117). It has been observed that Ptolemy exaggerated his own achievements and downplayed his rivals’ ones in this text (Bosworth, 1976, 117). And the result was that whatever history that exists about Alexander, incorporates within it, the exaggerated self of Ptolemy also. Ptolemy himself had told the story of Alexander but this book is now lost somewhere in the quagmire of history (Ellis, 1994, 7). Hence, it is through the work of Arrian (1907), that now we know the story of Alexander, of course as told ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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