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Journal Article Critique - Assignment Example

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The article entitled “Connections at Work: How Friendship Networks Related to Job Satisfaction” written by Raile, Kim, Choi, Serota, Park and Lee (2008) published in the Communication Research Reports proffered pertinent issues that aimed to establish the link between…
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Journal Article Critique
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Download file to see previous pages o establish whether the authors arrived at a valid conclusion given the elements of research that were used (participants, methods, measurement principles, and secondary sources of information).
The participants of the study were composed of 101 employees of a Korean construction company and a quantitative method of research was used to validate the hypotheses that were noted (Raile, Kim, Choi, Serota, & Lee, 2008). The hypotheses were clearly stated as each measure of centrality was being determined in terms of its link to job satisfaction in the Korean workplace. This is therefore consistent with Keyton’s (2006) discussion on assessing hypotheses (Chapter 3). Further, as the variables were clearly established, a regression analysis effectively validated the significant relationships to the chosen variables, as computed and revealed in the results. As also required, issues of reliability and validity, as discussed by Keyton (2006) were noted and resolved. A discussion on limitations of the study clearly noted lack of sample and data for workplace friendship networks within the Korean setting. Therefore, as recommended, future research could address the limitations by increasing the sample size and by applying the study in other work setting using diverse cultural orientations. The authors validly arrived at a conclusive evidence that there is a link between closeness and job satisfaction using the components of quantitative method effectively with verifiable and credible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journal Article Critique Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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