Fundamental Concepts What is ethics What is morality Are they one and the same - Coursework Example

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They relate with what people consider as basic values. Ethics philosophically involves the study of moral values in a given culture. Ethics are of three types namely, metaethics, normative ethics and…
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Fundamental Concepts What is ethics What is morality Are they one and the same
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Download file to see previous pages Morality traces its origin to a Latin word “moralis” which translates to “custom”. Morality guides individuals in coming up with ethics in societies. In addition, morality is concerned with individual judgment and conduct. Morality influences behavior and character of individuals in a society (Mizzoni, 2009).
Morality and ethics mean values within a society’s context. Religion and other forms of faith guide morality for the most part, while for ethics, it is multifaceted and based on ideologies. In addition, what a society considers moral in some cases can be contrary to personal values. In studying morality, ethics guides in knowing what constitutes morals. Ethics and morals both promote social justice, with their foundation on the principles of equity. Ethics and morality when adhered to, enhances fairness in a society (Mizzoni, 2009).
Ethics guides administrators in instilling virtues that promote morality within institutions. Policies and rules based on the morals promote achievements in institutions (Mizzoni, 2009). In administration, standard codes of practice by the management allows for flexibility in the morals applied. Concepts of Libertarianism and liberalism in the administrative context ensure peace and stability. Libertarianism is much concerned with ideology where authorities have limited control over their people. In Libertarianism, each one expects mutual benefits as a duty and obligation of the authorities. People attain social justice using ethics in administrative systems. Libertarianism is more moderate when instilling ethics as compared to liberalism. In administration, liberalism aims at individual freedom while libertarianism targets masses and general family values (Mizzoni, 2009). In Liberalism, individuals are free to choose their own ethical code for behavior. However, it insists on some form of regulation to harmonize differences on human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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