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What differences are there between the US and the UK in either the politics of abortion or the politics of same sex relation what explains these differences - Essay Example

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Different countries and organizations have advanced their differing views and controversies over the two. Religious communities have strongly expressed their discomfort and reservation…
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What differences are there between the US and the UK in either the politics of abortion or the politics of same sex relation what explains these differences
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Extract of sample "What differences are there between the US and the UK in either the politics of abortion or the politics of same sex relation what explains these differences"

Download file to see previous pages States such as Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Connecticut in United States do recognize that homosexuals have their civil rights to marry [1]. Labor Party government gives rights to homosexuals. There are only slight distinctions between marriages and same-sex couples in Britain. Plans are underway to eliminate those differences and fully accept same-sex marriage as legitimate marriages. Both UK and U.S started abortion in 1967 and 1973 respectively. Same-sex marriage recently has hit the headlines in the American politics. Britain has experienced some reactions to change laws on abortion and homosexuality in parliament and Conservative Party.
United States and UK have well-defined dissimilarities in their politics of abortion and same-sex marriage. To start with, both United States and United Kingdom have abortion Acts that spells out the procedure of its application and the person to apply it. In Britain, the efforts to amend laws on abortion started back in 1967 when abortion Act was relaxed. These new amendments allowed abortion under proscribed conditions of health of fetus and mother. United States through a ruling by Supreme Court led to a change of law on abortion in January 1973. The new law stated clearly on where, who, and time limits of abortion. For the under-age, consent was required in order to allow abortion. The basic disparity in UK and U.S on laws of abortion is that it allows abortion is on request for the U.S but it is subject to location and moods of physician on the former.
The United States Supreme court recognizes the rights of women to abort. They do it through very secretive manner because it values and respects personal privacy. On the contrary, British Abortion law does not provide privacy to women. It has restrictions and one has to give genuine reasons before getting a legal permission to abort. In U.S, there have been numerous incidents to stop abortion in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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