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U.S.A Constitution and Same-Sex Marriages - Essay Example

The provision permitted about 18,000 couples to tie the not —?until the passing of Prop 8 got passed, thus overruling the provision of the Supreme Court and deeming gay marriage, essentially, unacceptable and illegal once more. Within the U.S, five sovereign American States recognize and exercise same sex marriages. However, we have many other sovereign States as well as jurisdictions which have not acknowledged such marital relationships.
Additionally, some American States have engaged in constitutional amendments, in order to ban same sex marriage; some have even defined marriage, exclusively to imply a marital union of two people; the two must be of differing gender. The Federal Government of the U.S, concurrently, does not recognize pursuant of the same sex marriages to the language referred to as “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA).
Following the Defense of Marriage Act’s provisions, the Federal government is therefore barred from acknowledging marriages involving two partners of the same sex. This issue of great significance regarding the Immigration law of the U.S; same gender bi-national partners are not in a position to obtain similar visa benefits on the visas based on families; differing sex bi-national families enjoy such provisions, no matter whether the latter couple is lawfully married within one of the sovereign States of America; which acknowledges same sex marriage. Within the context of all underlying conflicting legalities and policies, Federal Courts of the United

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Same Sex Marriages
One of the major reasons why same sex marriage is becoming entrenched in liberal societies is the desire to accord all people equal freedoms to pursue happiness in all areas of human endeavor, including marriages and intimate relationships (Wald 384). However, this development has adversely affected the family set up.
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Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legalized
Laws have been enacted to prohibit gay marriages irrespective of the growing international support for gay and lesbian rights. Some countries and states such as Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Massachusetts among others have legalized same sex marriages but majority of countries around the world continue to oppose the idea due to various reasons but most importantly, due to religious influence (Rauch 19).
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Argument Paper: Same Sex Marriages, I Am For It
It is really funny how politicians and other members of society who would normally frown upon gay marriage during any normal year come to the pulpits during election season to sing the praises of gay marriage and vow to pass laws that will grant same sex marriage rights to those who wish to have it.
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Same sex Marriages
Seemingly, there seems to be a shift in our thinking, culture and a sort of change in attitude of how we view gays and lesbians today. Today, people are more open about there sexual orientation and therefore it has become more acceptable these days.
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Same Sex Marriages and Sociological Perspectives
These forms of marriages have been recognized as illegal for several years, but in recent times several nations have assigned legal status to this form of marriage. Alone in United States, different states have different rules regarding these marriages and even certain states have accepted its legitimacy.
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Same sex marriage
Still, the modern world is gradually accepting same-sex marriages because the same is related to personal interest and sexual orientation. Thesis statement: The issues related to same sex marriage prove that the same is accepted as a deviation in sexual interest and individual difference by liberal thinkers and activists, religious people and moralists hesitate to accept the same, but impartial evaluation proves that individuals must be allowed to take independent decisions on sexual interest and marriage.
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Same-Sex Marriages Should be Legally Recognized
The issue of the legalization of the same-sex marriages is one of the most controversial nowadays. During the past hundred years the U.S society has become much more tolerant towards people who prefer partners of the same sex as theirs, but still those people experience numerous problems with the state legal system.
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Argueing for the Legalization of same-sex marriages in Illinois
For example, marriage enables spouses to receive insurance through their partners’ employers. They are also allowed many other rights such as the
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Civil Unions and Same- Sex Marriages
nt debate surrounding legalization of same sex marriages has brought to the fore the policy makers and advocates for opposite sex marriages a concern that permitting same sex marriages will result in a reduction in marriages of the opposite sex (Gane & Miller,2012). The topic
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Same Sex Marriage
e debate is focused on whether same sex marriages should be allowed and should be recognized as legal marriages or they should be continued to be recognized as illegal marriages. Some states of the United States have accepted and passed laws that have recognized same sex
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States experience pending cases, which seek to address the contentious issues affiliated to same sex marriages and the provision of the governmental recognition thereof. Additionally, Federal District Courts of Massachusetts and California made a ruling that it was unconstitutional for the Federal’s failure of recognizing same sex marriages which were State sanctioned. However, these decisions are still pending on appeal. The very appeals could most probably find their way to the Supreme Court of the United States. U.S Constitution and Marijuana The longtime question regarding regulation of marijuana in California has been, can there be an effective marijuana regulation, by the Federal Government, without an amendment of the constitution? The assumption has always been that use of tighter taxation measurers would help solve the phenomenon. A story which goes around regarding marijuana in the U.S is that, it is quite legal to be in possession of marijuana, if one can show the necessary stamps which can help prove the payment of the federal tax is committed. Although there is the availability of stamps, accessible from the federal authority – only, the very federals declined to issue the stamps. Arguments are presented, that the process of issuing stamps is executed via the extended powers of the State’s federal government, in an attempt of regulating interstate commerce. The concept dates to the “Pure Food and Drug Act,” published in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt. The Act effectively decreed a ban in the then conducted interstate commerce involving adulterated and/or impure foods as well as drugs. Another reef would be borrowed from the 1914’s Harrison Narcotics Act that was established in the federal government’s ability to offer exercise taxation. Harrison Narcotics Act emerged the opiates’ initial federal regulation, limiting opiates’ sale to those who owned licensed physicians’


Constitution and Same-Sex Marriages According to Arnheim and Andy, advances in same-sex marriages have become very interesting setups within the society…
U.S.A Constitution and Same-Sex Marriages
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