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The issue of how Americans are thinking about the Arabs and their political system has always been controversial. I am interested in understanding a…
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I chose to attend this conference because I was interested in knowing how Americans are thinking and analyzing the Arab Spring. The issue of how Americans are thinking about the Arabs and their political system has always been controversial. I am interested in understanding a wide range of political systems, so that is why I was very interested in attending this conference, which was held on the 1st of March, 2012.
At the conference, there was three main topics that were discussed by three guests. I was more interested about the first topic, which was the Arab Spring. That is why this was the subject that I had taken the most notes. The particular guest on this topic began by talking about the starting point of the Arab spring: Tunisia. He believed that the actions of the Tunisian people came from the poor economic conditions in the country at that time. This was a point that I could really agree on because it matched my own personal views. In addition, the speaker explained about the root cause of the political problems in Tunisia—the election trouble from the 2005 election. After that time, the political pressure increased slowly.
The next topic was about what had happened in Egypt. The speaker commented that what made people really organized was social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, blogs provided an outlet where people could discuss their troubles and organize the protest against the government. Their motivation came from the poor economic conditions in conjunction with the political uncertainty, which was similar to what had happened in Tunisia. However, he also mentioned a really important point about Islamic organizations. He made the point that many Islamic organizations in Egypt were really concerned about the street protests that took place. In my own view, this is true because, as we know after the government of Hosni Mubarak, the Islamic Brotherhood won the election! This explains why they were so concerned about the protests. Lastly, he mentioned that the Arab Spring movement has had a huge effect on Arab Politics. Read More
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