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Marketing Strategies 4050 - Research Paper Example

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Along with the coffee, Java Café will be selling healthy products to its customers with the understanding that fast food leads to negative health…
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Marketing Strategies 4050
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Download file to see previous pages Our Java Café would be focusing on customers who are environmentally conscious of their actions. While coffee is enjoyed by people of all ages, it is important to develop a primary target market so that we are able to develop a marketing strategy targeted towards this specific market. Our primary target market includes:
Students: Students form a big part of the target market for Java Café. The Auraria Campus located in downtown Denver accommodates more than 40,000 students and thus could be a good potential market for our Java Café. Students have a hectic daily routine from pressures of work as well as having to survive on limited budget. Most students cannot afford coffee machines for themselves and rely on coffee shops for their daily cups of coffee. However, since they are on a limited budget, they cannot afford to buy from Starbuck or Mc Café, and thus they look for cheaper options that do not compromise on the quality of services. As our Java Café offers Wi-Fi, it would be a further attraction for the students since this generation is addicted to the internet and travels with its personal gadgets such as cell phones, laptops etc. ‘For them, technology is not a thing to be considered. It is a way of life’1. Furthermore, students usually have a common hangout place where they can meet up with their friends and peers. In this case, word-of-mouth promotion can help improve sales for Java Café.
Young Professionals: Young Professionals are another target market for Java Café. Young Professionals in Denver make up 64 percent of the total population and Denver has the highest number of college graduates. Professionals from surrounding counties also visit lower downtown during their pre-working, lunch time and after working hours. These college graduates and young professionals are also busy people trying to make a position in the corporate world. They usually visit the coffee ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Strategies 4050 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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