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Barnes% Noble - Essay Example

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It is also a retailer that distributes books, CDs and DVds to various retailers, and authorized dealers, as such, the company could be classified as a commercial printer.
The industry…
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Barnes% Noble
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Download file to see previous pages Another factor affecting the component of publishing is the steady increase of the price of oil and natural gas. In printing, most of the raw materials used for printing like inks are derived from oil. Its mail order catalogue is also affected by the rising cost of postage. In printing, which composes the bulk of Barnes &Noble’s expenses, one of the problems aside from rising cost is the large amount of paper used and the toxic waste it produces such as solvents and inks. Likewise the industry sees the digital technology rather expensive and cuts their profit.
As to availability of transportation and shipping airlines, I see no problem as to its availability since there are available companies like Fedex and other airline companies. The only problem seen here is the cost of freight, and insurance.
As to employment, Barnes and Noble recognizes the efforts of employees by giving them a rewarding career experience. Competitive compensation, benefit package and promotion. It provides employees a financial security plan, sick leave and disability pay, life insurance, continuing education, transit benefits and discounts (Barnes & Noble, n. d.). They believe that it is rewarding to discover new writers. Average annual revenue of a printing press employee is $145,000.(First Research) while pay for writers is not disclosed.
A supplier has bargaining power if he possess the capacity to dominate the contracting partner due o its influence, power, status or size, or through a combination of various tactics. Barnes & Noble who owns the largest chain of bookstores in US, has the power to command the price of books and to control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Barnes% Noble Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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