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The total rainfall in Castle Rock is estimated between 8-15 inches in a year; that is why every drop is precious wherever it is used.
The total population of Castle Rock as per…
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Research paper about water use information in Castle Rock, Colorado
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Water Use in Castle Rock, Colorado Introduction Water use in Castle Rock, Colorado needs special attention because it lies in a semi-arid region. Thetotal rainfall in Castle Rock is estimated between 8-15 inches in a year; that is why every drop is precious wherever it is used.
The paper will examine the use of water in Castle Rock area and the measures that are taken to conserve the water particularly in summer months.
Population of Castle Rock
The total population of Castle Rock as per 2010 census is estimated at 48,231 with median age of 33.8 years. Most of the population resides in urban clusters. The population of Castle Rock in the year 2000 was merely 20,224. Thus, the population between year 2000 and 2010 has grown by 138.5 percent. Almost one-third population of the town is of age below 18.
(Castle Rock… 2011)
Water Consumption, Availability and Treatment
The water consumption in Castle Rock varies by time of year. It increases by 400 percent in summer months in comparison to winter season as people use huge amount in watering their lawns. There are 50 wells in Castle Rock having depth of more than 2000 feet. These wells are capable of producing 18.5 million gallons of water per day. The raw water is filtered and disinfected with chlorine to get rid of bacteria in the water. Castle Rock has 15 tanks spread throughout the town to store 36 million gallons of water (Water Conservation 2011).
Water Conservation Programs
Watering restrictions in Castle Rock is continuing since 1985. That was mainly to manage peak water demand for watering rather to conserve water consumption. It mainly aimed at specific hours/every-third-day watering program starting from the month of May through the month of September. Castle Rock offers water conservation rebate programs and some of them can be described as rotary nozzles, smartscape renovation, high efficiency clothes washers, rain sensors, and smart controllers (Water Conservation 2011).
Castle Rock administration is taking all necessary steps to reduce the consumption of water by providing not only efficient equipments but also organizing workshops to help citizens reduce the consumption of water specifically during summer months.
1. Castle Rock (2011), online March 5, 2012,
2. Water Conservation (2011), online March 5, 2012, Read More
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