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Characteristics of the 1960s: - Essay Example

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On recovery of the time capsule, its contents proved an exciting archeological finding that would enlighten the new generation on how to piece together a period some can only reminiscence about. …
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Characteristics of the 1960s:
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"Characteristics of the 1960s:"

Download file to see previous pages The second item is an audio cassette with a mixed collection of Bob Dylan songs. The third item is a collection photographs of young people (17 – early 30”s) attending what seems to be a concert. The fourth item is a tattered book identified as the text The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan. Finally, there is a detailed letter describing an individual’s trip to Europe (Britain). These items confirm that 1960’s mark very crucial milestones in the history of American politics, culture, social stratification music and fashion. News Paper Cutting; Politics: The news paper cutting, from the New York Herald Tribune, has side by side photos of the late president J. F. Kennedy minutes before the shooting while the other photo is of President Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in aboard an air force one. In 1960, there were numerous political tensions all around the world. These tensions stemmed from factors ranging from war in Vietnam to missile launch threats by Russia. Of interest is how all these factors were tied to the impending cold war which most people thought was long overdue but which world leaders like J. F. Kennedy still handled with particular caution (Bothmer, 2009). There were rumors that the KGB must have been directly or indirectly related to J. F. Kennedy’s death. Perhaps, the tension was more at home than most people would like to admit (Bothmer, 2009). This is evidenced by the assassinations of other socio-political reformists in subsequent years just within the 1960’s period. In 1968 alone, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on 4th April followed closely by the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on June 5th. Amid the assassinations, however, positive political reforms still took place such as recognition of minority groups in some aspects. On the other hand there was the military industrial complex that involved accumulation of weaponry and the subtle or direct involvement of the American government (particularly the armed forces) in other countries’ political affairs (Bothmer, 2009). The Beatles Cassette; Music: Interestingly, the songs in the cassette did not follow the conventional sixties style of an album. Instead, these are songs picked from different albums, for instance, With God on Our Side is from the album The Times They are A-changing and from the album Free Wheelin’ there was the track Masters of War. However, it is not so much the rock and roll fad but the influence these musicians had. Most musicians at this time were keen on singing against social upheavals cutting across pop, rock, RnB and even soul musicians. For instance, Bob Dylan speaking against the Vietnam War in his song "Masters of War" (1963), Same Cooke’s “A change is Gonna Come” was also a popular civil rights anthem also from 1963. The Beatles also composed a song “revolution” against violent socio-political reform. One thing stood out from their messages, non violence and the inevitable nature of change (Wallenfeldt, 2012). Photograph; Fashion and social trends: Musicians also had an influence on how young people dressed, their social relations and other their ideologies. Minus their obvious enthusiasm, the young persons in the photos are dressed in particularly striking attire. This photograph (probably taken during the Woodstock festival) in particular highlights the peak of the hippie fashion characterized by long hair and unusual clothes like multi-colored shirts, belly bottoms and sandals. The hippie fashion also came with characters such as strong opposition of the norm when it comes to social stratification. This is perhaps the reason why African Americans, South Americans and Caucasians appear to be mixing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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