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How does Historical Costume Relate to Contemporary Fashion - Essay Example

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This paper "How does Historical Costume Relate to Contemporary Fashion" discusses the fashion industry that has been the source of pride and joy for any culture in the world. It reflects a complex mixture of interwoven commercial enterprises…
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How does Historical Costume Relate to Contemporary Fashion
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Extract of sample "How does Historical Costume Relate to Contemporary Fashion"

Download file to see previous pages For purposes of discussion, the fashion designs to be discussed are limited to the 1900s up to the 2000s. This is done mainly to narrow the focus of the topic as well as to limit the fashion timeframe. On the other hand, the terms costume and fashion are also defined and discussed.

Various definitions of the term costume been devised in an attempt to give justice to its essence. According to Princeton Wordnet (2007), the costume is an ‘attire characteristic of a country, time or social class.’ With this very meaning, there is evidence to believe that costume is distinctly identified with a particular time frame, place and society. It is not only confounded into one’s dress but it also encompasses the entire package such as the accessories, type of fabric, shoes, undergarments and the like.
The same definition applies in Wikipedia (2007), where it describes a costume in reference to a ‘wardrobe and dress in general, or to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period…’ Henceforth, it can be safely assumed that once a particular period of time has passed, let us say the 1970s, contemporary styles during such time period can be classified as ‘costume,’ based on the definitions presented.

Meanwhile, the term fashion is defined by Wikipedia (2007) as ‘…consists of a current (constantly changing trend), favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical or intellectual reasons.’ Through this definition, ‘fashion’ may not necessarily be favored by the majority of society but is a moving trend or craze at the time it was conceived.
The term can also explain why there exists a person called ‘fashionista’ or those people who set the trend or produce a rapidly changing style. Fashion may not necessarily be ‘wearable’ or comfortable. At times it just makes out a ‘statement’ about a particular cause, issue or mood.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Does Historical Costume Relate to Contemporary Fashion Essay.
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