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What evidence is there that good management of people can improve organizational performance and profit - Assignment Example

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Management is the procedure by which public, knowledge, skills, and other resources are collectively coordinated, in order to accomplish the organizational objectives efficiently. A method or purpose is a collection of associated activities contributing to a bigger achievement…
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What evidence is there that good management of people can improve organizational performance and profit
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Extract of sample "What evidence is there that good management of people can improve organizational performance and profit"

Download file to see previous pages Managing workers or the complete organizational performance enables the easy, efficient deliverance of operational goals. There is an obvious and instantaneous association among using performance management program, and enhanced business and organizational outcomes. “A predominant theme in the research on HRM and performance is the view that identifiable strategy types exist, and that subscription to one leads to superior performance” (Cooke 2000, p. 5). There are many effective operational benefits, by releasing the hidden potential in each workers work day, the profits included are many; the gains for the organization are much high in terms of finance and resources.
     Discontinue project overruns,    Support the group directly following the top management objectives, Reduces the time it takes to generate the operational alteration by the corresponding to the changes throughout the latest set of aims.
    Optimizes motivation tactics to the explicit goal for over attainment, and not just the usual trade carried out.   Progress in employee commitment because everybody understands how openly the organizations high level goals are contributed.     Generates simplicity in the accomplishment of goals      High self-confidence in additional benefit compensation process, Professional development program are enhanced openly to realize business level goals.
They mainly   Elastic, and reactive to organizational needs, Displays data associations, helps in auditing, Simplifies statements of strategic planning aims and also   provides good correspondences.
Every organization should have a good management system. The system helps in improving organizational performance and profit. The systems scope and complexity may differ, other than the underlying requirement that remains. All organizations are different. The system must be planned to meet the sole issues faced, whereas many systems will have general elements. “The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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