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Anti-copper Therapy among Pregnant WomenCan Lower the Risk of Wilsons Disease in Their Children - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Since the unborn children are vulnerable to their mother’s health condition, the medical intervention using anti-copper therapy, especially to expectant women, can reduce the probability and risk of transmitting Wilson disease to the foetus.
Despite the rare cases of Wilson…
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Anti-copper Therapy among Pregnant WomenCan Lower the Risk of Wilsons Disease in Their Children
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Extract of sample "Anti-copper Therapy among Pregnant WomenCan Lower the Risk of Wilsons Disease in Their Children"

Download file to see previous pages 281). In addition, it creates abnormal metabolism of the available copper that subsequently release a toxic substance called “free copper” (Brewer 42). This is the major cause of the disease. In essence, the accumulation of this harmful substance in the human’s neurologic system, especially in expectant women could result in Wilson disease, which may have subsequently effects on the unborn child (Grubenbecher et al. 549).
In fact, when there is excess copper in the body due to the failure in the biliary excretion system, the harmful substance accumulates till it becomes toxic (Cox 283). In developed countries, the patients experience this toxic stage at around the second or, probably, their third decade. Indeed, this is the time when the patients may be diagnosed with neurologic or liver disease (Grubenbecher et al. 549). The disease mainly affects children, but the affected woman could transmit it to the unborn child if she does not exercise adequate care during pregnancy. It manifests in the form of dysarthria, parkinsonism, tremor, and dystonia (Forbes and Cox 1927).
In this research, the impacts of anti-copper therapy especially among expectant women are examined. The research also examines if such therapy can reduce the risk of transmitting Wilson disease to their unborn children (Gromadzka et al. 245). Immediately the patient notices the symptoms, including depression, lack of focus especially on tasks, low emotional control, bizarre behavior, and low inhibitions, he/she should seek urgent medical intervention.
Some of the measures, which the health expert would take, include performing a screening test, Kayser-Fleischer ring assessment, and ceruloplasmin plus serum copper assays (Hellman and Gitlin 439). The diagnostic test relies on liver biopsy using quantitative copper assay. Scholars have argued that mutation analysis might not be useful in countering Wilson disease because the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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