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Meaning of a single word - Essay Example

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To understand the meaning of any word and be able to use it in a sentence properly, we must first know its definition and what one means by that word. Without knowing the meaning or the lucid and concise definition not only are we unable to use a word properly, but also, we can…
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Meaning of a single word
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Download file to see previous pages Looking deep into the roots of a word can tell us about other words it was derived from, and a little know how of how foreign languages have influenced English. And finally the usage of a word tells us about how it should be used in a sentence. Many times people know the correct meaning of a word but they are confused about how to use it and they end up not using it at all. The correct usage while keeping in mind the sentence structure, subject verb agreement, and the placement of prepositions is essential in using any word in a sentence or a paragraph. All of these aspects are discussed below so that the meaning of the given word is clear and no difficulty is faced in its usage in any context.
A lantern is a transparent protective covering, usually portable and used for carrying or holding a light. It is used to protect the light from wind and weather. It often has translucent openings so that the light could pass clearly. Lanterns emit out light in an expanded way and they also have handles in their framework. The top room of a lighthouse which contains a lamp or any other source of light can also be referred to as a lantern as it gives out light and illuminates the structure and the area. Similarly, the top most structure of a building which is either open or windowed from all sides to admit light or ventilate the entire interior building.
It is always good to know a few synonyms of the words we are using in a text, because synonyms help in building the vocabulary. They also lighten up the text and urge the reader to read more. Every word has several synonyms in the least as they can have more than one meaning. The word lantern has many synonyms as well but they are all referred more or less to a source of light. One of the synonyms of lantern is beacon. A beacon is a light which is used as a signal or a guide. One of the meanings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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