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Environmental Science Lab - Essay Example

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Certainly, the greatest challenge today is to design buildings that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A good balance between social, economic and environment objectives is indeed a solution to this…
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Environmental Science Lab
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Extract of sample "Environmental Science Lab"

What I learned from Sustainable Designs Certainly, the greatest challenge today is to design buildings that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A good balance between social, economic and environment objectives is indeed a solution to this problem. Sustainable buildings are free from toxins and have clean air. I learned that recycling materials from old buildings and renovation is the best environment choice. At Alliance Centre, a complete change was needed to accommodate sustainable environment. First, incandescent lights saw replacement with by CFLs, water conservation fixtures replaced outdated technology, interface recycled-content carpeting was used throughout the building, and modern solar array was put on the roof. Truly, all these were geared towards reducing the building’s impact on the environment.
Secondly, before the opening of the centre, a HVAC system was installed, which is a combination of an electric resistance heat and the old and air conditioning system. Windows have poor thermal qualities and a plan is underway for completion of an integrated design via renovation. Other buildings can emulate Alliance centre, whereby they cater for environment in designing of buildings. An architect’s decision to put CFLs, water conservation fixtures, recyclable carpeting, and windows of thermal qualities would take care of the environment. A decision to renovate rather than demolish existing buildings would be friendly to the environment. Additionally, if a demolition must be done, recycling of materials is necessary for a sustainable environment.
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Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. “Advancing Sustainability through Collaboration: Designing the Future” 2012.Web 2 March 2012.
Journal Entry; Energy
Natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, producing lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than heavier hydrocarbon fuels such as coal and oil. Energy has many uses like transportation, cooking, lighting, and turning engines. Efficiency, affordability, and environmental conservation are some of the factors we consider in analyzing a good source of energy. My main source of energy is the natural gas. Natural gas comes from Denver Colorado. Since its establishment in 1997, the Colorado Natural Gas, Inc. provides natural gas services for commercial and residential customers with an aim of promoting efficient use of affordable and environmental friendly natural gas. Denver has been in the frontline in solar research and natural gas exploration. Denvers Regional Transportation District operates a fleet of 36 hybrid electric buses using dual electric and compressed natural gas engine. They are efficient and environmentally cleaner than diesel engines (Green print Denver Web).
By 2035, energy consumption will rise by more than 50%. Hence, advanced energy sources that are affordable, reduce dependence on foreign oil, efficient, environmental friendly, and applicable on a wide scale are necessary to meet the world’s energy needs. Colorado Cleantech Industry Association is one of the dedicated associations to advanced energy exploration in the United States. Advanced energy will enable greater use of energy-saving technologies, create jobs, and increase the productivity of the US hence improving the economy. However, conservation of the energy sources that we already have is very important. We should switch off the lights when not in use, unplug appliances and only use them reasonably. We should also seek to conserve the environment as we use energy in our daily activities.
Works Cited
Green print Denver. “Energy”. Denver, 2012 Web 2, March 2012 < >Read More
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