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Kilmer Ecological Preserve - Lab Report Example

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Since it has been abandoned, it has provided a new habitat for animal and plant species. After its desertion, the pioneer species colonized the land and later gave rise to other annual and perennial species. Its…
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Kilmer Ecological Preserve
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Download file to see previous pages The annual species include the peppergrass, oxtail grass, and ragweed. Perennial species, on the other hand, include the common cinquefoil, milkweed, strawberry, and plantain. A close examination shows that all species growth close to the ground surface to avoid wind and maximize the surface area of sunlight. The ‘power-line cut’ reflects a region that would be suitable for power lines to pass through due to the size of the vegetation.
This region is inhabited with shrubs, perennial herbs and grasses. It can be classified as a second stage of the second succession due to the size and nature of vegetation (Mongillo 2004). There are various dispersal mechanisms depending on individual seeds. Wind dispersion is effective for the maple and goldenrod species. Animal dispersion is through birds that carry the cedar, sumac and oak species. The seeds are later able to colonize new habitats after factors such as weather and tragedies such as fire.
It is part of the 1929 field providing shelter to the perennial grasses (Kilmer Ecological Preserve). It represents the second succession stage but at an earlier stage due to the new vegetation. Secondary disturbances such as fire have led to the growth of resistant herbs and other perennial plants. The poison ivy is also common in the area due to its resistance qualities.
This area represents a later stage of success. There is the presence of young woodlands where tree species are getting to a larger size. Close assessment also reveals that other species of shrubs have been shaded out due to increasing in competitions for the available resources. The grown woodlands have led to the creation of little canopies that prevent growth of other shrubs despite the poison ivy.
Maple trees that are part of a secondary succession inhabit the area. The tour reveals that they grow at the same time due to disturbances such as fire that is common. They also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Kilmer Ecological Preserve Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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