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Technical Rationality and Reflection in Action - Essay Example

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According to Lee and Gailey (2007), technical rationality is a cultural orientation that promotes achievement of technical goals without ethical concern. Technical rationality will therefore, consider…
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Technical Rationality and Reflection in Action
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Extract of sample "Technical Rationality and Reflection in Action"

Technical Rationality and Reflection in Action Technical rationality and reflection action are closely related concepts. According to Lee and Gailey (2007), technical rationality is a cultural orientation that promotes achievement of technical goals without ethical concern. Technical rationality will therefore, consider employees in an organization as source of labor and the work environment as a resource. This paper will therefore analyze the relationship between technical rationality and reflection in action in a healthcare work environment.
Although technical rationality and reflection in action are two different concepts, the two concepts have some similarities. Both technical rationality and reflection in action represents the views of a society that can be measured and explained logically. The two concepts are essential in the finding of solutions for most professional problems and difficulties. Therefore, technical rationality is concerned with establishment of technicality in a profession while reflection in action is concerned with the application of the acquired knowledge. Both technical rationality and reflection in action limit the application of real knowledge in professionalism. Reflection in action is also considered as the first step towards attaining technical rationality. This is because technical rationality is vital in defining technical proficiency. Technical proficiency in turn determines the professional capacity or ability of an individual.
Technical rationality and reflection in action have often been considered as theoretical concepts. However, technical rationality and reflection have a high degree of application (Smith, 1999). Technical rationality and reflection are essential in health care administration. The healthcare sector is a significant sector to the country and this makes the sector to be of interest to the legal system of a country. The sector also has a significant number of employees who need clear specification on their duties and limitations. Health practitioners also require knowing their limitations and expectations in the medical practice. Medical ethics provide essential guidelines for heath workers in their practice. Efficient and all-inclusive health workers policies and ethics can only be achieved through application of technical rationality. Technical rationality enables healthcare administrators to design logical policies for healthcare practitioners (Kraska, 2004). Healthcare administrators are also responsible for handling legal issues within the practice. This proves technical rationality and reflection in action to be key requirements when drafting regal policies and work guidelines for healthcare professionals.
Health care administration is a demanding task due to its many stakeholders. The government, the public, and healthcare sectors are the main parties concerned with the duties of healthcare administrators. Professionalism is therefore a major requirement in the sector. However, the sector is deficient of professionalism and, therefore, there is need to enhance professionalism among the practitioners. The first objective in the sector is the restructuring of the existing policies. The sector hopes to achieve this by introducing new and up-to-date policies. The new policies will act as guidelines for healthcare administrators. The sector is also considering training programs for the practitioners as a way of enhancing professionalism. The proposed training programs for health care professionals will provide them with knowledge and skills that are appropriate to handle current issues in the health care sector. The new training programs will also enhance awareness of legal rights among healthcare administrators.
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