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Youth Crime And Delinquency ( Criminology) - Essay Example

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Juvenile delinquencies are influenced by several factors, some of them being peer pressure and poverty. Indeed, Asher views poverty as the main contributor to…
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Youth Crime And Delinquency ( Criminology)
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Extract of sample "Youth Crime And Delinquency ( Criminology)"

Download file to see previous pages The child saving movement began in the 1880s. By this time, attention had shifted to children welfare and campaigns were evident, advocated by social reformers who advocated for the child welfare. Child-saving movements were aimed at protecting the children from cruelty, removing the children from almshouses, and emphasizing on the transfer of children from institutional care to foster homes. In addition, this movement advocated for the reformation of the juvenile justice system through the introduction of juvenile courts. This essay will discuss the child saving movement and its achievements in the United States between 1880s and 1920s.
According to Platt, Ryerson, and Ferdinand (2009, p.4), the child saving movement attempted to achieve the welfare of children; however, it could not have been successful without political and financial support of the wealthy and mighty. Addressing the plight of underprivileged children was the main agenda for the child- saving movement. In addition, achieving order, control, and stability was considered. The modern justice system has risen from various reformations and developments over the centuries. Therefore, it was not until the end of 19th century that the modern system was organized to include the juvenile courts.
The 1890s was a period of discoveries of the poverty–stricken areas and misery that existed throughout the towns of United States. During the time, “scarcity, diseases, ignorance and dangerous influences, were evident throughout the city,” (Platt, Ryerson, and Ferdinand, 2009, p.9). Therefore, the lowest level of human degradation was in existence. As a result, the child-saving movement drew its supporters from professionals and the middle class; however, in order to achieve reforms, the movement required both political and financial support. This support required precedence; for instance in Chicago, some of the lifesavers included Louise Bowen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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