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Disgusting Things - Essay Example

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Humans have the ability and habit of associating things with the happenings that occur. A person may associate the vomiting that occurs after he eats a medicine as a side effect of it. The…
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Disgusting Things
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Download file to see previous pages The unconditional response is the nausea that I feel after tasting it. The conditioned stimulus is eating the soup and the conditioned response is vomiting as a result of eating it.
Viewing rats disgusts me because I am allergic to them: The Unconditioned Stimulus is the factor that results in allergies like the hair, hygiene or other factors of the rat. The unconditioned response is the resulting sickness, itching or flu that I catch. The conditioned stimulus is the rat itself and conditioned response is the feeling of disgust and loath from the rat.
Once I had a large portion of pasta at dinner and felt nausea. I decline eating Pasta from that day. The unconditioned stimulus is sickness caused by overeating. The unconditioned response is nausea. The conditioned stimulus is Pasta which resulted in the conditioned response that pasta caused nausea.
I opened a can of pineapples and found a snail in it. I never use canned pineapples now. The conditioned stimulus canned pineapples resulted in an conditioned response of abstaining from the tin-packed pineapples. The unconditioned stimulus is the snail found inside the tin that resulted in an unconditioned response of disgust from tin-packed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Disgusting Things Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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