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Essey - Essay Example

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Eco-agriculture is the system of utilizing natural resources without unnecessarily introducing chemicals or any other artificial means onto the farmland, for the purpose of sustainable development through organic materials and the maintenance of biodiversity. It has been proven…
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Extract of sample "Essey"

Download file to see previous pages Organisms in the soil contribute to the supply of fertilizer and the passages of air. Rains further nourish the plants with water and nitrogen. Organic farming has been gaining worldwide acceptance because of all these benefits. In contrast, chemicals gradually kill the soil organisms that add to their fertility and eventually render the land less productive, leading to lower yields and less food supply, and exposed to soil erosion whenever it rains.
As of 2010, close to a billion people were reported as hungry, while many more live malnourished lives. There has been a growing demand for food supply which is propelled by a growing populations. Add to that scenario all the price increases in prime commodities, including vegetables, fruits, protein sources and we can easily understand what is meant by the urgency of finding effective and efficient ways of producing food supply. Chapter 1 of Worldwatch Institute report dwells on the statistics on malnutrition, rising prices, and the need for changes in food supply production and distribution. Another factor to consider is global warming. More powerful typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes brought about great destruction of properties in various parts of the world, while the Arctic and Antarctic Zones have been melting, and the effect was predicted to be a rise in the water level and floods. Many people have drowned as a result of unusual floods. Chapter 2 of Worldwatch Institute’s book dealt with effects of climate change as a major reason for the implementation of ecoagriculture.
warming while aiming to solve problems like hunger, poverty, malnutrition, and the growing demand for food worldwide. As community leader, a person can call on local farmers to provide them with an awareness of the need to change farming practices and the benefits of ecoagriculture. One of the recommendations of Worldwatch Institute (2011) is to plant “nitrogen fixing-fixing trees that enrich the soil for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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