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Performance can be good or bad, high or low, how good or high and individual or a group of individual has performed is identified by the importance that an organization gives to a particular task. Performance is referred to activities conducted by employees and the compensation…
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of the Performance Appraisal and Performance Management Performance can be good or bad, high or low, how good or high and individual or a group of individual has performed is identified by the importance that an organization gives to a particular task. Performance is referred to activities conducted by employees and the compensation these employees gain for these activities. Before 1990s, performance appraisal was conducted in relation to the tasks assigned to employees and teams and it was not conducted in relation to the goals and objectives of the organization. On the other hand, performance management is conducted in relation to employee behavior and an organizations aims and objectives. There are various other ways in which performance appraisals and performance management is differentiated from each other.
Performance appraisals are conducted once, every particular year and these are conducted on the request of HR department (Koontz 243). On the contrary, performance management is conducted on very frequent basis and is conducted on the request of supervisors and subordinates. Performance appraisal process for an organization is created by the HR department and then it is forwarded to the managers so managers can utilize them while evaluating performance. In case of creating performance management process, both the employees and their managers are involved. Feedback derived through performance appraisals take place only once a year when performance is appraised, while feedback from performance management takes places each time the managers and the supervisors conduct performance management and they hold discussions about performance targets and achievement of those targets. When performance appraisal is conducted for an employee, the appraiser has a duty to reach an agreement with the appraised employee about how well he has performed and in what areas he needs training and development. In case of performance management, the appraiser has to understand the criteria of performance and has to explain employees about how their behaviors are matched to the criteria. In performance management the supervisors and subordinates identify expectations and how these expectations will help achieve organizational goals and objectives. In performance appraisal, the appraisee has to either accept or reject the performance appraisal conducted by managers and have to accept the sectors where improvement is required. In performance management, the appraisee has to understand the fit between expectations and organizations goals and objectives.
A comparison of performance management and performance appraisal shows that there are different components of performance management as compared to performance appraisal. Three different components include: the definition of performance management which concentrates on an organizations strategy, the process of managing performance itself and the interaction between subordinates and their supervisors who try to identify expectations of organizations and behavior of employees that is fit for these expectations. Performance appraisal is only related to the second component of performance management, which is the component of measurement. This component is very different from performance appraisal because in this component, the appraisee is completely involved in the development of appraisal process, where as in case of performance appraisal, the appraisee is not involved. This shows that in a multidimensional environment, performance appraisal is only one dimensional.
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