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Data Analysis Methods and Tools - Research Proposal Example

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To evaluate the performance of employees, organizations use performance appraisal tools in order to determine, whether or not the organization is operating effectively to achieve its goals and objectives. Human resource departments of organizations are majorly responsible for…
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Data Analysis Methods and Tools
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, lower morals would lead to lower level of employee satisfaction from the job and thus negatively influence the performance of the organization as well. For this reason, the management of the businesses keeps a critical sight on the performance of each individual employee in order to identify the contribution that each employee is making towards achieving organizational goals and objectives. For this reason, the author of the proposed research work will try to identify and understand the effect of performance appraisal systems on motivating and retaining strategies of the organizations (Seldon, Ingraham, & Jacobson, 2001).
In the literature reviewed for this research work, the researcher has identified the true meanings of job satisfaction. While elaborating on the concept of job satisfaction, a number of researchers has agreed that it is actually the addiction or fondness that employees inherit from the working environment within the organization, and those elements at work place which motivates employees to show commitment with the organization (Thompson & Phua, 2012; Maslow, 1943; Herzberg, 1966; Vroom, 1964; Adams & Freedman, 1976; Malik et al., 2010). For this purpose, businesses have identified appraising employees’ performance as an essential tool to provide them utter support and appraise their contribution in organizations’ progress and growth (Anthony et al., 1996; Schneier et al., 1991). While the employees are satisfied from their employer and working condition, their attitude towards job is positive and motivates them to put extra efforts in their work, so that they can receive greater benefits by the employer (Karimi, Malik, & Hussain, 2011). As for the proposed research work, these views and ideas of past researchers will be used by the author of this research proposal, to identify the relationship between performance appraisal system, motivation of employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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