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Prospectus - Essay Example

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This came about due to the women suffrage victory; it was the first time the women in Colorado got their voting right. Colorado was the third state in the entire US that allowed women voting after Wyoming…
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Extract of sample "Prospectus"

Women Suffrage in Colorado The US women were full of joy during the November 1893 Colorado elections. This came about due to the women suffrage victory; it was the first time the women in Colorado got their voting right. Colorado was the third state in the entire US that allowed women voting after Wyoming and Utah in 1869 and 1870 respectively. The women had to convince most of the then state leaders that they had power and worth that qualified them to have their rights to vote. This was after several attempts in sixteen years. Therefore it is quite succinct and evident in this case that the women’s endless struggle provided them with the admired leeway towards their oppression in democracy1.
One of the most asked questions among several professional Historians is how the women gained the voting rights in 1893. Why didn’t they get the freedom rights in 1877 after putting all efforts pressurizing the then Colorado political rulers? Some Historians refer to the most popular theory “Myth of the Frontier” in explaining the concepts2. According to this theory, the Western women enjoyed their independence, freedom, and democracy to the maximum level during the 1870s, especially in the 1876. More reasons and answers came from certain individuals who asserted some of the Colorado Politicians granted and favored women suffrage in order to create for themselves a good image sin the political field. Another explanation or view is that the Colorado men never granted the women rights to vote such easily. They, however, fought political war; organized among themselves as suffragists with several goals, one of which the right to vote3. This argument tends to explain why these women never achieved gained the rights in 1877 despite their struggle.
Colorado women remain in pride over the achievements of their early great grandmothers of the 19th century. The above three reasons explaining how the women achieved their independence can be discussed widely to give more and pithy explanations concerning the endlessly asked question.
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