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They were written in the year 1910 and they reflect on the role of women at the time. The story by Senator Owen can be seen to address the issue at hand in a more exhaustive way, and based on…
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Women rights
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Women’s Rights The two stories address the issue of women’s rights and their roles in the society. They were written in theyear 1910 and they reflect on the role of women at the time. The story by Senator Owen can be seen to address the issue at hand in a more exhaustive way, and based on facts, compared to the story by Mrs. Jones. Whereas Mrs. Jones argues her case against the idea of votes for women, her argument fails to disapprove the need for votes for women as discussed by Senator Owen and these identify Owen’s story as the better one.
Senator Owen argues that women make half of the human race. Despite making such a big portion of the human race, only about seven million women are employed while the rest do domestic work in their homes. This means that while women do an equal amount of work as men, they get less pay considering that only a small portion of them are employed (Dudden 87). This can be changed through the ballot to ensure that women get equal pay for equal work with men.
The Senator also argues that there should be representation for those who pay taxes. Mrs. Jones argues against this case by saying that if that was to be the case, it would mean that other parties such as the aliens and the minors should be eligible to vote. It is, however, worth treating each of these groups individually and looking at the reasons why each of the group does not deserve a representation through the ballot. Treating all these groups wholesomely will not give the real picture as each group has its own varying reasons restricting them from being represented.
As noted by Senator Owen, the woman ballot has the potential to revolutionize the world. In Colorado for instance, it ensured that political parties induced morally upright men as their candidates since women could not stand corrupt men. This shows the vital role of cleaning up the society the woman ballot had played. Mrs. Jones in her speech argues that granting the ballot to women in the suffrage states had not brought any significant benefits. The social challenges experienced before granting the ballot to women are still there. By stating so, Mrs. Jones fails to realize that the task of fighting social challenges faced by any society is a collective duty. This cannot be solely left to women just because they have been granted the ballot. Women cannot purify politics on their own. Men should equally have a hand in it (Dudden 88).
Senator Owen concludes by noting that although women have been granted the ballot in Colorado, the bad women do not vote. However, the good women vote in as large numbers as their male counterparts. This shows the importance of emancipating women rather than accusing woman suffrage of failing to bring any desirable change (Dudden 89). This would make women feel obliged to exercise their right to vote rather than having to be carried to the polls in autos and carriages as noted by Mrs. Jones. This problem can be solved through civic education.
From the two stories, one can conclude that the story by Senator Owen makes a better case for women rights and is based on evidence. The Senator manages to justify need for woman suffrage. Mrs. Jones, on the other hand, argues her case based on the social problems that the United States experienced in the states that have adopted suffrage for women. This should not be the case, however, since woman suffrage cannot be expected to solve all the social problems.
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