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International Bank - Essay Example

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is my selected candidate for the supervising position because she has the core characteristics required for the position. Her conscientious behavior will be expected to screen the loan officers and safeguard the bank from further establishing risky financial…
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International Bank
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Extract of sample "International Bank"

International Bank: A Case for Analysis Chosen Candi F.C. Candi F.C. is my selected candi for the supervising position because she has the core characteristics required for the position. Her conscientious behavior will be expected to screen the loan officers and safeguard the bank from further establishing risky financial arrangements. Moreover, F.C. has a balanced combination of interpersonal skills, as expected of an extravert, and an impersonal behavior. While her interpersonal skills ensure that she is capable of effectively coordinating the bank’s loan policies with the loan officers, her impersonal behavior allows her to be wary of the loan officers’ flaws or risk potentials. With this combination of traits, F.C. will be perceived by her subordinates as highly professional and a less emotionally-attached supervisor. With the probable high-esteem perceived by these loan officers, they are being sent a clear and firm directive that this boss ‘means serious business.’ Thus, F.C.’s work characteristics will positively impact the subordinate loan officers’ behavior through the reinforcement of discipline and due diligence.
Selection Criteria
To aid me in deciding which candidate is best for the position, I may require the invaluable information about the candidate’s capacity to solicit and rationalize the subordinate’s responses on the bank’s organizational approaches. This capacity is important because an understanding of the subordinates’ behavior is the primary key in formulating solutions in work problems like selling loans to low credit-worthy clients to reach or exceed the allotted quota, or lowering the set standards to accommodate all types of clients.
Another criterion for judging the candidate’s suitability in the position is the capability to enforce individual accountability among the subordinate loan officers. The lack of such accountability may be the probable culprit behind the loan officers’ reckless exposure of the bank to financial risks. Moreover, the bank evidently fails or has a considerable lapse in enforcing accountability to these loan officers (else there would be no financial bath). The candidate who possesses such enforcing capacity and serves as a model of accountability has the potential to further and reinforce the bank’s risk-mitigating measures.
Personality Assessment
For this particular supervisory position, personality assessment should be given as much weight as the technical qualifications. This is because technical tasks are difficult to delegate or coordinate without a healthy framework of soft skills. Moreover, decisions and actions are heavily backed by personal traits, apart from organizational aspects; the bank could use these personality assessments to pinpoint which traits will be likely to reinforce the organizational outputs (embedded on decisions and actions). In other words, to ensure that the entrant candidate’s binding personality is highly compatible with the bank’s, a personality assessment could provide verifiable facts and significant insights. Predicting the candidates suitability and expectancy to conform according to the supervisor’s role can become easy, organize, standardize, and highly accurate through these personality tests. Ultimately, the candidate’s suitability is determined upon deployment of the vacant post. It is important to recognize that personality tests or assessments are only capable of providing a part and not the whole, bigger picture of the candidate’s job suitability. A complete and balanced assessment still remains to be the most effective indicator of job compatibility. Read More
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