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Product Evaluation - Essay Example

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They may be all the best at some point because the significance of their features may depend on the prevailing needs or purpose of…
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Product Evaluation
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Extract of sample "Product Evaluation"

Brian Scott Mr. Joel Shields English 101 February 16, Product Evaluation: Dell, a good brand for laptop Introduction There are many available brands for laptop nowadays and this created variety of options among buyers of what to choose as substantially the best. They may be all the best at some point because the significance of their features may depend on the prevailing needs or purpose of the users.
In this paper, the proponent tries to make a product evaluation for Dell as a good brand of choice for laptop based on some certain criteria.
Dell is a good brand of choice because of its affordability at high level of functionality, customer support, availability of spare parts and long-term usage.
Criteria for evaluation
The first criterion in selecting a good brand for laptop is the user’s goals or needs. Dell takes it all because this brand can substantially be used for games, online businesses, office tasks and lectures. Although some other brands could potentially do the same, the good thing about this product is its added features and benefits such as affordability above all, while ensuring quality, availability of spare parts, customer support and more added values.
Starting with affordability, other brands such as those from Apple Incorporated, Sony, Acer and others are becoming expensive because of the higher rating they obtained from customers and third parties. In general this is the bottom line of highly influential marketing activity, which is an integral part of creating significant needs for certain product or service offerings – the essence of advertising or promotion (Boone and Kurtz 482). Once these needs are created, it would now become easy to take control of the price on the part of the producers or manufacturers because of their higher or strong market power (Porter 4). This is evident in the case of Apple brands and others which substantially take hold at the top of the competition even though their prices are relatively higher.
The case of Dell is different because it tries to create its market share by ensuring affordability while maintaining high value for customer support and availability of spare parts, which would result further to opportunity for long-term usage (Dell Official Site). All of these based on experience could be justifiable and are substantially met by Dell as it continues to cater price-conscious customers who also want to get something more at remarkably cheaper price.
Dell is a good brand of choice among customers who are substantially looking forward to cheaper price but would also want to get something more. This is the area where Dell is making out the most of its market opportunity. It continuously seek to cater market segments where the basic criteria they considered is affordability at high level of functionality and including value-added features such as quality, availability of spare parts, and reliable customer support. In other words, Dell has what it takes to have something more because it always seeks to do more at a highly affordable price for all types of customers. It has basically all the power to do more as stated in its official website. The only thing that a potential customer can do is to go try and test its product offerings in order to experience affordability together with excellent level of additional benefits.
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Dell Official Site. Dell: The Power to do more. [online]. Available from, 2012. [Accessed 15th February 2012].
Porter, Michael E. Competitive Strategy. New York, NY: Free Press, 1998. Read More
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