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The history of manufacturing in the State of Michigan - Essay Example

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This led Michigan to become the leading city in “mining, lumbering and agriculture”. In the early part of the twentieth century, the main source of income in Michigan was the…
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The history of manufacturing in the State of Michigan
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Extract of sample "The history of manufacturing in the State of Michigan"

Download file to see previous pages Mining and lumbering industry grew and developed rapidly and the profit from this industry paved the way for the growth of manufacturing industry in Michigan. Michigan became the largest manufacturer of iron and steel products in America. Transportation on railways and waterways were improved to help the growth of industrial sector (“The Growth of Manufacturing”).
In the early history of development of Michigan, manufacturing industry hardly existed. Any small manufacturing units that were there during the early period produced goods only of domestic varieties to be used by families, especially farmers. The farmers produced goods with their own physical labour to meet their own demands. A variety of artisans like blacksmiths existed to make those goods that the families were not able to make by themselves (May & Dunbar 393).
In the middle of the nineteenth century, Detroit was an important metropolitan centre in Michigan. Industry of trading and manufacturing flourished during that period and the population of the city became more than double. This added to the cultural advantage of the city. In 1850, illuminating gas was manufactured for the first time. It replaced the use of candles in many homes of citizens. The gas lights lightened up important streets, business centers and hotels. Sewing machines were begun to be manufactured in 1860 to ease household tasks. Kerosene lamps were first manufactured in 1861 and it came into the reach of families with moderate earnings (May and Dunbar 274-275).
During the civil war in Michigan from 1861-1866, many new railroads were constructed. Lumbering industry continued to flourish like before. There was shortage of labour during the war as many young people participated in the war. In spite of this shortage, there was rapid development of the manufacturing and the mining industries. The farmers went on with their daily chores as usual. They began to work longer than before and took the help of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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